Indigo Matters

I have struggled since childhood to survive as an indigo child, admittedly my way of coping was to force myself to “fit in” for the most part I managed well but periodically the real me sneaks through, perhaps much more the last 3-4 years. Anyway I would continue with the hiding and being Normal if it was not for recent events. I believe my youngest daughter to be experiencing indigo symptoms and this is fine, however I’m unsure how to help her because obviously I just ran as fast as I could and continue to do so. Her energy level and vibrations are very strong. She is in a lot of pain and struggling to understand what’s happening to her, should I tell her the truth? She is only 9. I didn’t have anybody that understood or could help me through my ordeal as a child, I’m so worried she is going to end up as lost as I am if I don’t get this right for her. Has anyone had experience of guiding someone else through this? Is it even possible for me to help her come to terms with this considering I don’t believe I myself have. I did notice the posts are fairly old but I have hope that someone is reading this and may offer some good advice. ✨

Re: Indigo Matters

I see some signs in my 11 year old. She is the only one out of my 5 that I recognize the characteristics in. Honestly, I'm scared too. More for how I know she perceives everything and how little she relates to those around her. I did have her read a little on the definitions, signs and such. As of right now what's helping the most is just being a mature relatable ear, someone that understands. For us you know how rare that is especially at a crucial young age. Maybe you two can travel your paths together, you learning from an outside perspective with her, and her benefitting from having a protective guide, that can talk her through difficult times. Whatever you decide to do, being there and understanding are really the most important so you are equipped for this journey 😉 You two are lucky to have each other. Hope this helps a little.
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