She's older than me by a few years. Is it okay to date?

I met a girl on LoveMe that I really like but the problem is that she’s a few years my senior. Perhaps seven to eight years older. Some people frown upon a May-December affair which is unfortunate for my situation. What I want to know is if it’s okay to date someone older, despite what the majority of people would say.

I’m not usually the type to fall to stereotypes and demands of society but I also don’t want for my girlfriend to get judged in daily basis. I want her to feel comfortable and proud of our relationship. She says she’s okay with our age gap but I know she’s also worried for me too.

My parents tell me that if I’m happy with her then I can go through with the relationship. They don’t mind about her being older. Even my sister who’s about the same age as my girl is okay with it. However, they are telling me to think it through properly because I might be confusing sisterly love to actual affection.

I need advice from others on how to deal with this situation. Should try it out and ignore the judgements of others? Is it okay to date her? It’s not like she’s twice my age. There’ just a significant number between us. What do I do?

Re: She's older than me by a few years. Is it okay to date?

I see absolutely no problem with a guy dating a woman that's a few years older. I guess because my grandma was a few years older then my gramps. Also I dated a guy that was a few years younger then me. However, it didn't work out. I'd still date a younger guy if given the chance though. For me I really dont care if I'm dating a younger or older guy just as long as he isnt too much younger or older then me.
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