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[shadow=][/shadow]Hey guys. I don’t know where to start with this post but I had a very concerning question to ask. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, when I was younger however I went on ADHD pills for a year and than depression pills for another year. It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve taken any substance of that degree but I feel like it killed my creativity and robbed me of my potential and it’s a feeling that bothers me deeply. I’ve always had the weird sense that I was meant to change the world in someway ever since I was a young kid. I still have that gut feeling and the Desire to make the world a better place but I’m scared the pills I took when I was younger may have diluted my brain and I can’t ever tap into my potential

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Bro the system killed your gift. stop taking the pills it will come back slowly.
i had a similar experience i suddenly became Psychic one day and they diagnosed me with schizophrenia.
the pills couldn't "kill me" I'm still psychic, just go off the meds and it will return slowly.. its poison you've been taking.

you don't have ADHD, you are an indigo.
I am Dream.

Re: ADHD pills

You could also try some natural remedy to detox your pineal gland. If I were in your situation, I would try drinking aloe vera water juice (natural, home-made, not industrially processed) first in the morning before eating anything else and waiting 1 hour before eating anything else. Also beet, as much as you can. This food is great for the mind and for the pineal gland.

Remember that you are the power and creator of your life and try to avoid harmful pills, or pills in general as they are usually harmful.

I believe that you may be feeling shut down because your pineal gland must be calcified because of the pills. I believe this is how those pills work, by calcifying and "closing" your doors of perception. You can go back to normal by detoxing yourself. I believe that when it happens, you will recover your creativity and your skills as well as find new ones.

Also you could try some binaural audios on Youtube for decalcifying or stimulating your pineal gland / third eye.
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