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Hi ,
The place where I am living in now was once occupied by a so called holy man. But the so called holy man is in jail for crimes that he did. So last night as I was lying on my bed I saw that children of 7 or 8 yrs were sacrificed on this compound. In my mind I saw a boy being beheaded as he was begging not to do so with him. Nearly 10 boys were standing in a queue waiting for their turn. I was really scared when I saw the vision. Why I saw such a vision. One more point I sense negative energies in this compound where I live.
Any help is appreciated
Thanks in advance

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Those kind of sacrifices happen and are usually carried out by figures in very high ranks. They need that negative energy that is released during the rituals offered to the dark spirits that they worship in order to keep their power. A true "Holy" person does not need rituals and sacrifices of any kind.
I would imagine this negative energy may be affecting you or sensitive people who live in there, to a degree.

Have you tried to do an energy cleanse in that space? I think it may be quite beneficial also for helping the souls of the children who may be stuck in there. Maybe you could find like a medium or someone qualified to do this.

Re: Need advice on something personal

I have not tried it for the place as a whole but I think people are aware that there is something wrong with this place. So there are prayers organised, they use fire too. In my opinion the energy occupies large space it needs some good people to do that . I am happy now because I will leave the place. It was draining experience for me when I was living here. Now I know somewhat why.
Thank you Red Violet
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