"I want to share with you an experience that changed my life. The reason why I'm here. A year ago I had a dream I was a white sided dolphin being driven into a narrow cove with lots of noise and splashing. I could hear metal bars banging. they created a wall of sound that led us to these rocks. All of a sudden I feel a stabbing pain in my back and I wake up crying, terrified, and confused. At the time I was oblivious to Taiji and their way of killing. I only knew They killed dolphins. This Happened several times until I realized this could be a past-life memory.
I always believed in reincarnation. I always felt I was a dolphin in a past life, and never actually felt human in the first place lol. I spent countless restless nights remembering the slaughter, which I confirmed later by watching the Cove. Every detail was spot on. I couldn't believe it -- All of a sudden It wasn't something happening half way around the world, It was something that was constantly haunting me. I would shiver in terror every time I saw anything that looked like a spear, ropes, or hear metal banging. I heard mine and my pods screaming clearly. I had felt that the memory was 3x more amplified than any human emotion, and I later learned that dolphins really do feel more intensely than humans. Even before the dreams I always I felt a constant sense of being trapped even when not in danger. As the memories surfaced, I began to understand why.
Even through all this I tried to make the best out of it. After healing enough to look at spears I finally found my, porpise. I dedicated my art to portraying the concept of dolphins reincarnating as humans to stop the slaughter, being that many Japanese believe in rebirth.
To me, it isn't they the dolphins, its we the dolphins, and we want you to stop. It's scarring us. It doesn't make a difference that I'm in a human body, Japan. I'm still the dolphin soul you took life from.
I just hope and pray that every dolphin is as lucky as I am to heal. I'm sorry Kelly Clarkson, but I learned even what does kill you, still makes you stronger. So to Lolita and all captured and slaughtered dolphins, You can take a dolphin out of the sea, but not the sea from the dolphin. Thanks but.. noTanks."

This was a speech that I did for a protest a couple of months ago. It brought not only tears to me but many. I'm so grateful to be here and finally have courage to speak. I also sold a painting I a fundraiser auction for $177 all of it going to the dolphin project and orca network, in honor of freeing Lolita, a captive Orca in Miami seaquarium, my backyard. My pain became so beautiful that I thank for it, how can you know joy without pain?

I do art commissions as well..10% goes to Ric O' Barry's Dolphin Project/ Orca Network! info is all on my website:

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and here is my speech ...
and coverage of the event I spoke in ( mind you, Im still healing from the trauma , so I still have triggers when I watch this vid...but if you're tough enough go ahead, you've been warned ) ... ZH7s7utkNZ

Together we can SAVE US !!!! do it for me, for all of us who are captured and killed <3 please jjoin the tweet storm for us!!

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