A vision of the future

I just woke up from an interesting astral projection that I wanted to share with you all. I saw large masses of Americans, Africans and Latin Americans on long crowded trains. I got the context that these were long shipments based on the sheer amount of people, luggage, and train life adaptation. (People were trying to rob and scheme on others violently during the transport.) I believe this is an expression of a future, more-controlled population ( possibly in the realm of potential depopulation and mass drainage of human resources before a few timely dumps of human life.) As you may know, the future is only the potential energy that we project in the now. I beg you all to be very conscious of injustices towards our human friends. I've been a lucid dreamer and astral projector for maybe a year, and these types of visions are the ones I am usually way better suited to get up and write down. I also welcome all of you evolved expressions to my pm box, if you'd like to share something meaningful. Love, peace, and a bottle of hair grease my indigo companions. (:

Namaste, 3
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