focus on healing and peace

I have a request, feel free to not participate if you wish as is your will
we face another time of teetering on the brink I feel, what I see ahead could spell great loss and pain for many
it is my wish, at this point, to help avoid this if possible

I will take a moment today, Nov. 14th 2015 to focus my will outward and seek to influence
my aim is to give strength to those whom need it, solace to those whom seek it
path and purpose to those whom lack it
and focus on life, which is the gift we share with one another

this is my response to the violence in France but also to those who conspire to evolve that violence into more
if you with to take the time to spend a moment, and add your thoughts and energy to this
you are most welcome to do so

ut luceat lux nostra

Re: focus on healing and peace

Hello........ Many here have already done the same. Either in words or in thier hearts. I also do the same. Some of them (ISIS or others) may respond, hopefully all.

It is a real shame that violence is often used to stop violence. The US and others killed alot of the Al Queda (sp?) leadership, only to have this other snake head take its place. As who was left joined ISIS. The Al Queda actually look down on the Isis tactics. At least what's left of them.
Lets hope they or some will listen.

Re: focus on healing and peace

They say that as we heal ourselves we help heal the world.
I have experienced and witnessed myself that during some challenging and emotional situations and conflicts I have had with some people, when I have healed myself, they have also changed with me automatically.
I do believe our energy attracts people and circumstances to us and as we heal, external circumstances change.
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