The amazing science of the sacred geometric

hello everyones how are you ? I hop that fine, I felt very excited for do this post. Because before I was working with a partner in the creation of a little big square with the figure of the flower of life, made it with cooper. But anyway this is not a post to explain it, the important thing of that, is that it was useful to realize that this new kind of knowledge that very recent had taken importance day by day, and there still a huge field of explore and studying this amazing field of knowledge(Sacred geometry). Even more, some scholars of all new age, magic and esoteric content said that the most powerful magic in the past, in culture like n Egyptian or even in the Alquimia the element of conscience in their rituals, was made with this sacred geometry. This knowledge by itself is very powerful, but for awesome that could sound, there is one way to perfect this magic even more, don't ask me why, or explain it I just know it. The most powerful magic that any been can handle in the universe, is when the sacred geometric is mixed with the electromagnetism power. The universe was made, combined all the mathematic knowledge, that in the end is what made all the sacred geometry, with the energy and magnetism. That is because why this tree thing can't be separate in the universe, all mathematics that are inside of it, and all the electromagnetic force that compose it. So this is the post, I want to share with you this though, and the early experience that I had with that square cooper of the flower of life. Have a nice day, and best wishes for all !

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