the worlds going crazy

something bad is coming! like a anti Christ! or could be here! the world is going bonkers! the news and internet feeds are all totally negative.
I've started to disconnect my self from all forms of negative behaver been advertised on any news! I just feel sick!
this world is getting bad!

Re: the worlds going crazy

Red Violet 3 wrote:
Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:50 am
What do you think is coming?

The way I see it, the news are a bunch of manipulative BS, thats what they are to me. They do just that, feed people with negativity, with fear and anger to keep them disempowered and divided so that they are easier to manipulate. I do not say some things arent happening, but I do think there is so much more than that, so much manipulation underneath.

Just to give you an example: I know someone who has been related to the media world for most of his life, giving him the chance to meet and interact with people around that scene. This person had a meeting with few journalists who work for the main media companies in some of the most important countries in the world. These journalists told him that their bosses used to send them to cover the terror attacks in Europe, few days before they happened... Get your conclusions... It is all set up, in order to put it in the news and generate this confusion and fear in people.

For this reason, I have tried to disconnect myself from the news, I see them as poison for the mind.

I go out and see the friendly people, I see their smiles, their mutual help... I see the nature and the love and bond that there is around and its so different from what the news portray, yet this is also the real world.

I know chaos is here and is coming, but so is goodness, so is change.

At the end of the day, remember that you can create your life and step away from this destructive madness.

And I know people need help, and they will need help. But I think we can help from a place of inner peace, not by falling into fear and division...
what's coming?... i just don't know enough to a safe level to get this out without being crazy! lets just say it's going to be a wild ride.

Re: the worlds going crazy

the truth I see as it is.. deep down where the trouble begins with population and the amount of populous. where the rich people and politicians around the world who keep there family's safe!. feel there's a need for a purge of humanity!. so they begin finding ways to manipulate and brain washing with media. trying to justify the beginnings of starting a war. deep down they want to reduce the number of people.

Re: the worlds going crazy

The world can seem either more insane than ever, or more stable and harmonious than ever. We can find sufficient evidence for either scenario, easily. Where are you looking? What are you focusing on? And bear in mind, your current experience of the world is a reflection of your own subjective journey through the spectrum of transformation. So if everything seems like it's falling apart, in a way that means you're falling apart (you're the god of your own universe, after all). But falling apart is one of my favorite things. Because then I can put myself back together in a configuration more optimal than before. "The darkest hour is just before the dawn" isn't just a frivolous cliche.

Turn off the media. Unplug. Go within. Get and give hugs. Remember what matters. Let go of fear. The world is waiting for us to unshakably look the darkness in the eyes, and know in our hearts that it's just a puppy dog waiting for a neck scratch. Immeasurable love to you. <3
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Re: the worlds going crazy

We progress further along the path, the Veils between the Ether and the Physical thin greatly at fairly consistent intervals....the last time was roughly 100 years ago and look at what the early 1900's through 1920's there was a revival of "spiritualism" and mediumship, seances and so forth....lots of people, some with little practical experience, poking numerous holes in the natural barriers between this space and the in-between. Eventually, some really nasty things came through....and latched onto people/events etc....we had two world wars as a result, and a reshaping of life as we knew it....we are still feeling the ripples from that splash even now...

And look at now, we have again a rise and revival in "spiritualism" and interest in things beyond, we have lots of people, most with little practical experience, poking holes in the natural barriers between this space and the in-between, we (interestingly) have changed to technology in our lighting which gives off EMR/EMI (test one of those curly lightbulbs with a gaussmeter, if you don't believe me) and while we have reduced the amount of metals used in our housing structures (no more lead-based paint, copper and so forth have given way to plastics) there is a saturation of our living spaces with all manner of waves and radiations due to our electronics.

Indeed, if things follow the typical course, something will happen and it will shape the course of the way will likely effect many people, it will likely be fairly unpleasant and it is likely too far along the course of things to reverse them. People began noticing the Veils thinning out in the early 2000's, so we are 17 years along in that process already. I see evidence building far too frequently now that would indicate many Unmaker walk here now (the Freeman HS shooting near me recently, the Las Vegas shooting)...I actually had a dream the night before the LV shooting that indicated the nature of the being that was involved in that incident, sadly my dreams are usually too vague to be of help in preventing things before they happen. If this continues and mirrors what occurred before then it is very likely one or more very strong beings will come through the Veil, their nature is likely not to be of benefit to humans (there is not Good or Evil, those are human terms....but there are things which do not have our best interests at heart because death and pain result in food for them), and if they move as before they will push the world to change and us along with it. This has been the course for literally thousands of years, we do not change without being pushed to do so....crisis forces adaptation, these are nature's agents of crisis. These are our predators.

Re: the worlds going crazy

the trefoil is one of numerous symbols that is related to the number three. Modern thinking relates this to the xtian trinity but it is far older and far more basic. How deep it goes I am not sure, but at the very least I am aware that the fundamental structure of existence stems from 3 spheres of influence: the physical, the etheric, and the quantum...the interactions of those spheres shape all things, according to what I have seen in numerous visions. We exist juxtaposed between the etheric and physical always, one part of us manifested here that is a protrusion from the ether.

Many cultures have left us much information about all of this, some has been obfuscated from us and some has simply been misinterpreted I believe.
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