An idea on how to defeat the corporate system, and the education system.

Hey, i am New here. Just like everyone of you, i am started to get extremely frustrated by the education system and the employment system which is today. And do you even know why i am so frustrated by that system? Because the education system, just like everyone of you know, is not good. It is actually bad as fuck. It oppresses us. It kills all creativity, it is authoritarian, only cares about Your grades, how well you do in the subjects given by Your teacher, etc. Any sign or even a little hint of creativity is severly punished, you can't discuss or ask "why" to something that a principial has decided. It's basically horrible, outdated, tyrannical and controlling. It basically destroy the individual. Then. that is required in order to GET a job where you can use Your talents and skills. No matter how much talents and skills you have, you won't get a job if you don't have a formal "degree", even if you would be better suited to the job than someone who just has a "degree", but has absolutely no creativity, no visions, no curiousity or anything else. That makes me frustrated. Why should someone who is actually worse than me get the job just because he has a "degree"? Why the fuck should it happen? Honestly, i don't think that People longer care about skills, but titles and shallow degrees. That's completely unacceptable. I won't Accept it! And all of Your other Indigos shouldn't do that either.
Thank you for me.

Sincerely regards,

Roy Rolstad.

Re: An idea on how to defeat the corporate system, and the education system.

Tawmeeleus wrote:
Fri Oct 19, 2018 6:59 pm
Gosh! More anger. More terrorists. What to do? Do you think maybe you watch too many hero movies? You want to be the bad guy. Not the good guy.
Why is that?

If you loved yourself you would want to be the good hero.

Tawmeeleus x
No, i haven'T watched too many hero Movies, but i have started to get sick of that fucking system, just like the rest of you. And if we are to do something about this, we HAVE to cause unrest and social disorder in the form of protests and uproars, sadly. There are no other ways to do so than by causing unrest. We must fight for Our rights, because all of those People in Power are making this system more rigid, conform, etc. In order to get anywhere today, you have to be uncreative, a conformist, non-questioning to authority, etc. That's the sad truth. There is no more Democracy. Democracy is merely for the Select few who are elected to the Parliament and the Rich. For all of us other's, there doesn't exist any such thing as a Democracy. In a Democracy, one is rewarded for being a free-thinking soul, but in the western world, free-thinkers will most likely have bad times in School, that will in the best case lead to bad grades, a huge amount of negative remarks and very Limited Choice to get a job, and in the worst case, one will be expelled from the School and never get the job, no matter how good you are. While an ignorant woman, who is shallow, uncreative and don't care about anything will get high-paying jobs just because she is a conformist and don't questions authority and is not creative. Don't you understand how bad that is? It sucks, actually. It is unfair! That's why we should stand up and fight for Our rights! Nothing will happen if we don't stand up for ourselves and fight for Our rights. Now, we are just accepting the oppression against us by the society. We must Never do that!

Re: An idea on how to defeat the corporate system, and the education system.

I understand these frustations; guess that is why I decided to take an alternative path myself...

The world has changed and is still changing greatly. The world today offers lots of opportunities for people to develop and to use their skills. People are no longer forced to follow the old ways. It is a decision that requires courage; the one of creating new ways and stepping out of the strict system.

You know, even in the past, even when things were more strict and rigid and difficult, there was still the option to create new ways. The thing is that relatively few people took the challenge of creating their lifestyle through alternative ways.

It happened in the past and it happens today; not by following the old school rules and the rigid, controlling system.

This is not easy in my experience. However, easier than following the system as that is simply unbareable.

We are also part of society. Where is the division between society and ourselves? How will terror attacks fight the system when it is the system the one which orchestrates them? How is poisoning the people and ourselves going to make anything better? Terrorism is a joke designed to control us through fear. That is the system and what fuels power into it is our fear and division... And of course the ignorance and lack of courage to create different realities. The indigo goals were never to help sink this world as far as I know...

I think that in order to achieve worthy things in life, one must be creative and use his/her skills. Society teaches us a certain way of living but it is our choice to follow it or not.

Why would you care about being expelled from school or being denied a boring job that you would probably hate anyway? Many people who achieve great things do so by creating their own ways; often after being rejected by school, jobs, etc.

Also, you seem to be contradicting yourself a little bit... You talk about how much the strict system sucks, how unfair and fucked up it is... But then you come up with ideas such as "women are the weaker sex", "women and feminists hate people like us", "women are stupid shallow beings", "women do not deserve the freedom, just need to shut up, sit at home and listen to their man" lol. Do you have any idea of how old fashioned, strict and vain those ideas are? If there is anyone supporting the corrupt system it is YOU by supporting such old fashioned, retrograde and strict views. Then you complain that we are just accepting oppression against us, but those ideas you expressed are very oppressive. It does not seem that such ideas could ever lead to any kind of freedom or change.

Re: An idea on how to defeat the corporate system, and the education system.

Shaj wrote:
Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:10 pm
Hahaha here i can sense a lot of anger.
But first of all greetings, Roy.

I can agree with your first post in the parts of how society works in school and later on in the jobworld.
And i guess not only me.
The educational system and the employment system is a joke, of course.
And i do feel with you and your experiences.
But you know, these gatherings and demonstrations...people gathering and protesting against will at best make it into the news, but the state doesn´t care and will not change. This educational system and later career is not as it is out of pure coincidence or incompetence. There is a high interest into keeping people obeying and following orders without questioning them. But there already is a change in peoples consciousness.
Terror attacks well, what can i say as a moderator...hmm...grin...that these ideas are not being supported here.
Also it is not the way. Terror attacks have scared the sh... out of the masses since 2011 and do you believe that someone would pay attention to your messages if they are spread through violence?
I do get your anger and frustration.
But instead of getting devoured by these feelings by feeling being a part of it - how about instead finding your own way, out of societies rules.
I know that it can be tough, especially in the northern parts of our continent by all the rigidness. But there are ways.
Best you can do is to find your own individual path, by staying consistent and be a living example for how things could be. Changing the system by force means even playing into its hands.
So far to your first post, and i need to say again that we cannot tolerate callings for terroristic attacks i guess.

Your last post is a bit more delicate, grin, i will come back to that later or the admin itself.
So far yeah, things are not as they should be, but there are ways of doing things the right way.
Amused Greetings
I think that you haven't found out the Source of the rigidness in the Northern part of the continent. The Source is contrary to popular beliefs, a where small and Select Group of elites. And no, they aren't politicians, Rich People, freemasons, illuminati or anything like that. Actually they are some of the top civil servants who work in the government administration, sadly.

Re: An idea on how to defeat the corporate system, and the education system.

Tawmeeleus wrote:
Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:38 pm
What if you are the enemy? How would you feel if someone wanted to do to you what you propose others do to your enemies? Are you ready to leave this earth?

What if they are killed? What happens then? What about the next enemy?

I think you need to find a more reasonable solution. Don't you?

Love Tawmeeleus x
The first of Your question, an enemy of who?

And also, i can say that if someone wanted to do that on me, i would obviously try to crush them. And no, obviously i am not ready to leave the Earth before the time that God has decided for me to do so.

And also, i am an enemy of the system. And that is a good thing of being enemy to. It needs to be defeated,

Re: An idea on how to defeat the corporate system, and the education system.

Yet this is about an angry person. A person who is crying out for help. Who believes in God and yet is calling for others to kill. Not themselves but others. A person who is screaming inside. In pain. Yet feels no one can hear their screams!

Anger can be positive. It can help us grow and teach us what life we want to live and what life we have been given.

You need to harness the anger for good. Take it and turn it into motivation.

When you know anger is the root. You can deal with it!

Love Tawmeeleus x
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