What is your destiny here? How are you here to help the world?

Hi Indigos, I have had this account for 6 years (with 5 years being inactive...) and I had the thought to come back here and share how I have grown and how my path has unravelled since 2013.
I'd love to hear from everyone else too- what you believe your path is leading you to, and how that may have changed over time.

I had my spiritual awakening in 2013. I was 16. Since I was 14 I have been interested in the 'taboo' and had researched things like Wicca, Satanism and Paganism before I was 15, and was already very into Astrology and Numerology. It wasn't until I experienced a big loss at 16 that I found the incredibly strong urge to find out what I was all about and what was really going on. When I was reading through my astrological birth chart, and finding online interpretations, I came across the concept of Indigo Children. I was interested immediately, and as I was reading descriptions and traits of Indigo Children and Starseeds, I was so compelled as it felt like someone was watching me, telling me all about myself.
At this point my destiny was not clear, but I knew I was yet to find out. Over that year I researched almost every night about Indigo Starseeds and lightworkers and found so many connections in my birth chart for this phenomena. I discovered that my soul's birth place was in the Orion constellation which explained so much about me- my connection to Ancient Egypt, my past lives of ruthlessness and power. It haunts me that I may have come from a past of destruction, which I may have helped cause too, but I was certain of one thing- a big part of my current journey was to learn emotion, empathy and compassion. It is my time to heal the world with my logic, structure and power from the past, but this time also using my new-found compassion and understanding to really make a difference that is fair and just for every being. That is why I had to experience loss before my awakening- as I needed my emotions to grow out of a broken heart.

Over the next couple of years, I was moving out into the 'adult world', and I knew I wanted to pursue a career in science. I knew I had a lot to give, and I have always been passionate about learning and knowledge and creating. I started studying for a career in Palaeontology, as I knew it was very important to understand the past to be able to anticipate the future. I was thinking of narrowing down to either human evolution, or very ancient life (as in, the first bacteria-like creatures that existed on Earth) so I could discover more about the past and where life on earth was headed. However, I began to feel like my time was running out, and that this career path would take so many years of 'working my way up'. Palaeontology is very competitive, male-dominated and it takes almost a whole lifetime of work to become well recognised and respected in this field. I basically knew I had to wait until the current large presences were retired before I had a chance to establish myself. Funding for Palaeontology is often lacking, especially in Australia where I live, and Australian Palaeontologists are often sent overseas to study 'more interesting sites', instead of being allowed to study all the wonders that are in the rocks of this country.
I found myself more and more desperate to help the world's current situation. Not from the past, not for the future, but NOW. I decided to switch to Environmental Science. I have always had a special connection to plants and I was always someone to speak up about global warming. I knew right away this was the right decision. I finished my degree a couple of years ago, and got a job straight out of uni, at a university research institute, where I still am and hope to be for a long time. Career-wise, I know my destiny is to continue research on how to return the environment to a good condition after human destruction such as mining and farming/grazing. It's important to fix what we have altered, as the environmental impact of humans is only going to get worse, and less land is able to be 'saved' and 'be left untouched'. Instead of trying to save what little natural land is left, we should be putting just as much effort, if not more, into fixing what we've already destroyed.
I have also finally found my voice, in my own personal life, for spreading the message for world-wide change. I have invested my time and energy into so many different topics such as veganism, socialism, spirituality and plenty more environmental causes. I have been able to speak up against many issues too such as racism, sexism, homophobia, abuse, and almost every form of inequality that exists. I always knew I had such important things to say and a message to spread but I never knew that I would really have such an impact, but now I am feeling it. It's an immeasurable impact really. You can't measure how far your words go, and how many people take your words seriously. But you can feel it, and see it in your own personal life. Your family and friends become more open-minded when you lead by example and share your thoughts without hesitance or frustration.
I finally feel like I can fight for change without it negatively affecting my emotions and well-being. I used to hold back from speaking out a lot, because I would find myself exhausted and hurt for days when I experienced backlash of any kind. Now I can really put up a shield against this, and I feel nothing but more determined to keep fighting for the truth. I smile in the fact of opposition because I know it is just a reflection of humanities unfortunate resistance to change, and not really the individuals who want to bring me down, as they really don't know any better if they are not equipped for it right now. It is not always their time to change, but it is ALWAYS my time to spread the truth and I am always happy doing so, because it is expressing myself from the very core of who I am- and Indigo Starseed from Orion who will never back down from what I know is right for this world.

As an indigo child, I feel more in touch with my destiny than I ever have, and I know that I will feel closer and closer every year. There are many more changes to come. 6 years ago when my spiritual journey started, I felt so much energy for a paradigm shift and a universal awakening. I kept being told by fellow lightworkers that it was coming, and already happening but it wasn't fast enough! I kept thinking 'why can't I see more change, when everyone says it's happening?'. Now looking back, I can see the changes so clearly, and we've come so far. But looking forward, you just want to hold on to your future visions and pull them closer, so they can get here faster. But you can't physically do that. All you can do is keep making way for it to come when it needs to. Keep fighting and spreading the truth. Clear the path for future. Leave no room for anything else.

Much love and light to you all!

Re: What is your destiny here? How are you here to help the world?

Hi, Natasha. What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing about your journey. I relate on so many levels.

Destiny is a funny thing. We can run from our destinies, but in a way, isn't the running away actually a part of the overarching destiny in itself? I used to relate well to Jonah from the Bible (I had a Baptist upbringing). It took me a long time to develop the courage and faith I needed, to follow my higher purpose no matter what. A lot of it is because I failed to develop a very strong sense of my identity in my formative teenage years, and had very low self-esteem (a void I ended up filling with addictive coping mechanisms, which led to a whole slew of problems). Transcending all of that is what led me to finally getting and sustaining a true sense of myself in this world, and now I'm to that same point you describe: Smiling in the face of opposition (sometimes the "opposition" doesn't like that too much, does it?), respecting the pacing of others, but honoring my own authentic truth at all times. It's a good groove to be in.

So much insight in your post. Thanks again for sharing.
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Re: What is your destiny here? How are you here to help the world?

Namaste Natasha~

Well met indeed. You are very kind to share your experience so thoroughly and with such passion. I sense the fire in your words, and I can appreciate that very much. I want to pose a few thoughts based on what you have said and based on my experiences in life as well. If they help you, great:) If not, that is fine too :)

I had my first "awakening" at age 9 - 1988 for me. I had a dream about what was to come, I saw a lot of things that made no sense, but it was enough to startle me out of childhood "haze" and into awareness.
In fact, I have had experiences even younger that indicated that there was more going on in "reality" than is apparent
but through the dream I had at 9 and well into my 20's I tried very hard to ignore it all
because I wanted a "normal" life etc....or at least, I thought I did.
Then, in 2007, a thing happened to me that made it so that I could no longer ignore these things...the dreams, the visions, the intuition, the patterns, etc.
Since then (and I would have been 28 at that time) I have walked on my path.
I found out then about the Indigo Children thing, and Starseeds, and so on
and it felt right to me, but I have a vexation with labels and definitions
so I did not feel like it was necessarily correct for me to identify AS one of these labels
I am, simply, me

I started writing here back then. Sadly, in the years since IS has gone through many iterations and moves. I tended to use this forum like a journal as I walked my path. Writing down things at the moment, writing down and ruminating the things I experienced and saw and lived.

Not because I felt other people NEEDED them or anything like that, more because I hoped that if anything I was personally experiencing might be of use to them then they could use it
take it with them
become more with it
and that would be good

I find it infinitely fascinating that you also have memories of Egypt, and memories of perhaps terrible power
I have had a vision where I see the sand in the blue moon light
it is gorgeous, there is the smell of lavender and eucalyptus in the air
I have felt the cool breeze coming over the sand at night, wafting through windows
carrying some of the heat of the sand with it
I have a memory of many people, myself included, standing upon a stone edifice
and a deluge, much water, and a storm, washing those below away
much sadness and regret but feeling like there was no other choice

it is also interesting that you choose to move forward in hard sciences
for a time, as youth, I wanted very much to be a field botanist
because I have always thought that biology is, in fact, older technology of a type so advanced and amazing we don't understand the slightest bit about it
I ended up going into computer science in 2006 as my attempt at a "career"
and while it has done a lot of good for me in some way
and given me much to think about and different ways to think about it
in the long run it has not been the fulfilling thing I had hoped for
which, ultimately, is not terribly surprising as technology - while infinitely interesting - is not nearly so
as much as say, history or psychology or physics or botany or chemistry or any of the other sciences and mysteries of life
so, nowadays, I spend a lot of time ruminating about the larger construct of reality that I have perceived
and how things will move forward
I spend time out in nature as much as I can, just sitting underneath clouds and watching the wind move through grass is fascinating to me

It is sad that your course deviates you from being able to research in your homeland. Australia is doubtless full of wonders from the past to be discovered.
I hope for you that your path stays clear ahead and that light always chases your footsteps.

Re: What is your destiny here? How are you here to help the world?

Thank you so much for sharing and for doing your fight for the world, I find it very inspiring.
I find your story very interesting and I do relate in some aspects. What I mean is that I have been through some similar experiences as yours which have triggered my awakening. I find similarities, specially experiencing loss and pain to grow from and the other lives here and outside. Egypt...
I believe I used my power in a destructive way in the past and I should help heal the world in this life as a way to heal damage done.
Because of these experiences, I have carried darkness and heaviness aswell as light and self awareness. I believe part of my life purpose is to heal myself, transform myself into my best version and help heal others. For this I experience both the darkness and the light, as a way to make my knowledge more full and complete and as a way to learn love and compassion. To become spiritually and Divinely aware.

My spiritual awakening also happened few years ago, around 2012 or 2013.
But before this awakening I did have the feeling that these old prophecies of "the end of the world" had to mean something like a "rebirth of the world".
I had the feeling that the world and humanity were going to evolve and that great changes would happen at one point and that this could mean a sort of "end of the old world".
I also did not think it would take so long but I did see it was the direction the world was going to. Environmentalism, spirituality, technolgy, a new level of freedom and truth starting to come out, slowly...

Now we are finally here. In the year of the revelation of the truth.

My call is to:
heal myself, my family ancestral karma and helping others in their healing
Help inspire and uplift the world through knowledge, art and music
Empower myself and create abundance for my family and others
Help animals as much as I can, help protect them, help protect land and nature
Support innovations, ideas, people
Become my best version
Become fully spiritually self aware which I believe is the next stage in human evolution
Spread knowledge and awareness

This is my call, what I am supposed to do here.
The path has its challenges for me but well, it is the transition, the process.

I also would like hear from others, their experiences and where they are going in their life.

Thanks again for sharing.
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