I Need Some Help With My Two Sisters.

Dear Indigo People,

This is crazy, but both of my sisters have cancer and had it one year away from each other, then after their chemo's they both got it again! The story is, I'm working to understand how they got the cancer and why they still have it, so I could help them to get rid of it. But it's kind of big and I now need some help to send them "love" thoughts to heal them, so they don't die in ignorance and then just be reincarnated into this prison planet all over again. I'm going to go in depth as much as I can to express what's happening. Rosy was only 38 or 39 when she first got diagnosed with breast cancer. The thing is, she KNEW she had it. She was living with some guy for about ten years and the relationship was on a downward spiral. She told me that she wanted to get him out of her life first before she went to the doctor to get diagnosed. Well by the time she showed me the lump, it was huge. The size of a golf ball and really hard, right in her breast. I thought to myself, how could she let it go for so long? There are so many remedies out there...I've been doing herbs for a long time, and researching, and I can't understand how she could have such a lump and just keep it quiet until she gets rid of her livin-boyfriend. That to me is lack of self-responsiblity. And then she goes and buys junk food and eats out at fast food joints. She thought she was destined to have cancer, she told me. My mother also had it, same, breast cancer. And I think she may have picked up her thinking during my mother's ordeals with it. So she got an operation and they removed it and put her on chemo.

The next year my older sister Molly is diagnosed with cancer. It actually started in the breast but they found it in her lymph node under her arm. So she too got an operation and went through chemo. They both lost their hair and went through terrible pain....but what are they doing to actually face the problem and take care of it on their own? My older sister is wiser. She experimented, changed her diet and started research. So she was exercising and eating healthy foods, many fresh vegetables and shakes. And still, the cancer came back. Just yesterday she told me, it metastasized into her hips. Rosy also had it metasize into her bones. They both now have bone cancer. Last night Rosy went to the hospital because her pain was so great and they're giving her pain killers. And my sister Molly is at home waiting for the date for her next chemo sessions.

The thing I notice is, I think it has something to do with emotions. My mother was like that but in a different way. She was always freaking out about everything, all the time. She only once that I can remember became peaceful and loving, and that was inbetween the cancer, it came back when she became stressed out again because of my brother who was a derelict and violent when he was drunk and on drugs. Then the breast cancer returned, went into her brain, and she passed away. That was in 1992. Then my two sisters are similar about emotions. They have deep negative emotions and are constantly stressed by things that should not even bother them. I keep telling them to think positive, and to get rid of negative emotions...because I had read G.I.Gurdjieff's work and it says that negative emotions don't have a center in our body. And I read Joseph Weed's book on psychic energy development and it says that those who use up their etheric energy on useless emotional waste, have none left over for psychic energy development. It's the same thing Gurdjieff taught. Same exact same thing. And don Juan, out of Carlos Castaneda's books teaches one must to destroy self-importance, meaning ego's negative pursuits. For example, ego is good when it is used properly as in Tonal that works in unison with Nagual in order to get to the Totality of the being, so you can lose your human form and enter into the Unknown.

Well, my sisters are not interested as much as I am in spiritual pursuits. Rosy believes in the old roman catholic religion and it's not doing her any good. Molly is more a realist and after hating god for so long because of the problems she had in life, I think she's just not dealing with anything to do with spirit because she isn't aware that it was all a scam to brainwash the people into being slaves, that they taught about some god that was hovering over and above us, haha like the constellations you see in the night sky. Nor do they take in the amount of herbal tea that I do. I haven't had any problems. I drink alcohol occassionally, smoke cigarrettes every day, eat normally, healthy enough, I stay away from junk foods, things that have fructose in them...man, fructose is so bad for the body, and they put it in almost everything these days (it's cheaper! they make a bigger profit!). I do my best, and the effort pays off, like Gurdjieff says, every effort no matter how small, will bring its reward. I want to help my sisters. They want to live. Rosy wants to marry the guy she is with now. They are engaged. Molly wants to live because of her two sons, she tells me she wants at least 5 more years just for them. I want them to live disease-free for however long they ought to in what our brainwashed minds are told we should live to, approx 80 or 90 years, but ofcourse, I feel that death can be obliterated. Don Juan proved that to be true. Nevertheless I am dealing with death face on right now, through my two sisters. I love them very much. We are the closest of friends. And I want them to get knowledge, and the best way to do that, is to stay alive.

Now I don't know exactly what kind of forces I am dealing with, but I know that love is the strongest force. And I have seen how when people put their minds together in their individual thoughts into one group of focused thought towards a goal...there is no force anywhere that can stop them. I am here asking all of you to help resolve the situation which caused these two ladies to get cancer, and within themselves, so that the cancer that is in them now, will disappear. Go to the cause. The root. That is where one must deal. Pull out the root and the rest will take care of itself. Like a bad weed in the garden. Once the root is pulled out, no more weed can grow there.

I am taking control of this through intent. I declare, everyone's good thoughts sent on this mission, no matter whether it is in the past, present, or future, all those thoughts are now gathered and come together to make one strong thought/feeling of love, and this is focused into my two sisters lives to help them heal themselves, and from their healing may they as well help others to heal their own selves through their gained knowledge of their own situation. Knowledge protect, lead us to the truth, and the truth set us free.

Thank you most profoudly every one of you.

Re: I Need Some Help With My Two Sisters.

Hey everyone. How's it going? I'm glad this site is back.

Ok, so, I'll update you on what happened back then. My younger sister passed away and her body was buried on the Autumnal Equinox 2012. Then, six months later, my older sister passed away and her body was buried on the Spring Equinox 2013.

Haha. So I went through hell for awhile...for a few years actually. But all kinds of AWESOME things have happened since. And oh my! I've finally discovered what it means to be connected to Cosmic Consciousness! I'm so glad. But I really had to struggle to get there. The key for me was digging deep into my fear of falling in love, because I would get too scared to involve myself in a personal male/female relationship. So what I did was I kept observing my emotions, until one day, I realized, it was not an issue of falling in love, instead it was an issue of having super strong emotions, and it wasn't only in romantic situations, it was in everything. But what I had done was I buried so much of it within me because the way things are in society, people are kind of forced to shut up their emotions. Well when I finally could deal with all of that, then everything inside of me just balanced out, and I could feel love and joy for myself and everyone and everything. That's when I went up into the cool awesome places that you can't take your physical body with (but one day, when I transmute this physical in my mind into ethereal because the programming is so uh! dense, I have to really struggle to see my body as just an illusion) and I visited beings that I felt familiar with, and they helped me, and it was so beautiful to be with all kinds of intensely intelligent and loving beings; they were all busy doing learning, discovering and sharing with one another their efforts. So yea. I've had to struggle, a lot. But it has all been worth it.

Now I have more projects to do. Especially the one about figuring out how the body works in terms of DNA, and how to reverse the aging process... it has something to do with connecting to our Endocrine System, is what I read somewhere. And that the Endocrine System is the key, not the Organs of the body such as liver etc. So anyway. It's nice to be back again. I'm going to check out all your wonderful stories of what you all went through whenever I have the opportunity. Love you all!


Re: I Need Some Help With My Two Sisters.

Hello Mary

I am so sorry to read about your sisters, all the pain it must have caused you, specially because you were trying to help them in every way you could. All I can say right now is that I feel for your situation and hope you have healed a lot of that pain.

It really sucks, but sometimes we cannot help other people when they are not open to being helped. Sometimes we think we know the answer or the solution to someone else´s problem; and sometimes we do! But the problem is that many times people do what they feel is the right choice (who could blame them for it?) and do not listen. Also society is sooo brainwashed that most patients still look for the pharma industry to solve their health issues. I believe chemotherapy kills people even more than the cancer itself. But if you tell them this, if you tell them the emotional root must be cleared out / healed in order to recover health, then many people will likely not believe you and do their own thing: Doctors, chemo, surgeries, etc. I wonder: if these things are so effective, how come so many still die of cancer? How is it possible that we can go to the moon but that we are unable to take care of our health in a civilized way? But well... I am no doctor or anything.

At the end you can do what you know is best for you; you can try to give advice from your inner truth. But besides this, there is not much we can do for others. At the end we all make our decisions and we face our own consequences. Something is for sure: Each of our decisions and actions carry consequences for us.

I also believe that the root or cause of every illness that isnt caused by an accident, is an emotional problem which was never healed or digested or cleared out. Our emotions are our energy and they are pretty much who we are and also what we create in our life. For instance if we carry very heavy emotional energy, if we are stuck in resentment, rage, deep sadness for a long time and never do anything to clear these feelings, then I believe they manifest into illnesses. We bury our emotions and our expression. We neglect ourselves, our authenticity out of fear; usually fear of being rejected by society because of our freedom of being. So we swallow our feelings, or cover them with entertainment or addictions and pretend its all good. One day after some time, we get sick and our life is at risk. Then a doctor tells us to take pills and we do in the hopes of saving our life. But its all a trap, we keep losing our life anyways, maybe faster this time with the aid of the poison we put inside our bodies and we never address the root of the problem which may be the real solution not just for our health but also for our life.

I know this because I have been there and done that. I never had cancer but I did have a chronic illness slowly killing me. One day I had enough and sent the doctors to hell. Then found a natural cure for myself, all natural plants. I had been taking pills for a year and a half to control the illness and I had to take them for 3 more weeks until I felt I could be without them. Then kept taking this natural treatment and I cured myself in 4 months. What the doctors couldnt do for me in about a year and a half, I did for myself in about 4 months and this was part of my spiritual awakening at the same time. I say I saved my life, but because I was able to think out of the box and take more congruent action towards my health.

However, I must add that its not just using plants to heal the illness. I believe that if we want long and lasting health, we must clear the emotional aspect of the illness. I cannot stress enough about the importance of healing the inner heavy and stuck emotions. I believe there are many ways to do this, any healing method that releases the stuck energy is good.

Re: I Need Some Help With My Two Sisters.

Thank you for sharing your story and insights.
I feel what we all need to do more of, is to communicate with our own soul, the heart part of ourself, and get to know our body through consistent observation, and see what type of communication the body sends us. I found that in my body structure, the first thing I found easy to communicate with was the soul, which I found out was the so-called subconscious, but it's conscious! It communicates to me in feelings, words, images, impressions, and it has its own personality. So I combined with that. And then the next thing I had to do was try to find out what kind of communication system the body that is from mother Earth, has, so that I could better communicate with my flesh side, all the things inside and outside of it. I realized recently, it has, for me, a picture way of communicating. When it wants or needs something accomplished, it sends a picture. But this picture is different from the other pictures that I get in my mind. It has its own personality. And because I requested to know about the language of my physical form, it started to communicate with me on the easier things, like for example if I'm sitting thinking too long, or reading too long, but I have to go to the washroom, it showed me a picture on the screen of my mind of a narrow waterfall in the jungle on planet Earth, and I realized, "oh! that's my body telling me what it needs to do." So I listened. And that's how I finally established a method of communication. Now I must be ever vigilant to listen to my body to see what other kind of communication it sends me.

Then the most complicated part of it all, is to know the difference between ME, this thinking being, My SOUL, the higher self which attaches to Mother Earth to create this physical form, and my BODY which is a part of Mother Earth and connected to my Soul. To get a smooth balance between what every aspect of myself needs to do, etc. that's the challenge. Because I'm looking to find the higher aspects of our being on this planet, to be able to teleport, to levitate, to disappear into other dimensions and still come back to this place, and not in some strange number of years so that everything changes hahaha and you're still the same. Things like that. But hey...I'm working at all that what you mentioned; resolving any emotional structures first, that I may have missed when looking, and at the same time sharpening my ability to communicate to all aspects of my structure. The key for our future is in communicating with mother Earth's body, our body, and our Soul, which is our Higher self attached to this physical structure. We, it seems to me, hahaa, are just minds floating about attached to the other two. Lol.

The key is; "healed, digested and cleared out."

Re: I Need Some Help With My Two Sisters.

Here is an excerpt out of the "Cosmic Awareness Newsletter August 2017." (a very helpful resource)


This Awareness suggests the ongoing suggestion of
building a dynamic intimate rapport with one’s body,
with the structures of one’s body. When this Awareness
speaks of the Spirit Structures of one’s body, this
Awareness is referring to one’s endocrine system,
one’s circulatory system, one’s lymph system, one’s
emotional body, adrenal system, one’s belief systems,
and those independent or individual systems of belief
that could be identified as religious selfhood or self-awareness
or personhood.
One’s ideological perspective, one’s world view;
these are all Spirit Structures. This is to say that they
have an energetic pattern that is deeply integrated into
one’s energetic body and facilitates, supports or
creates a deficit to one’s energy structures. These
energetic structures allow an entity to maintain a
human form.
The human body is composed of many, many layers
of energy that are collecting light that is polarized, for
the masculine and the feminine, for the Earth and the
soul. In order for the human body to operate, to
function as a biological reflection of both the soul and
the Earth there are many components that must
communicate and cooperate and coincide in their
In this way one is a Creator Being. Without one’s
constant attention, whether this is conscious or
unconscious, the attention to that form remains
constant. As an entity builds their relationship with
these structures, with these dynamic relationships that
exist between the structures and between the self, one
regains one’s power. This power is in essence one’s
ability to align oneself through one’s central channel to
one’s soul and to the Earth, for the human form is not
the entity’s natural form.
The entity’s natural form mixes within the soul.
One’s journey upon the Earth is the transient temporal
exchange, one that elicits the opportunity for growth,
experience and for gaining perspective, for gaining an
energetic exchange that is very high. This is to say that
as one enters into human form, or any reincarnated
biological form –-it could be any number of body
types upon the planet—one is putting in a single coin
and receiving a billion in return, depending upon one’s
ability to effectively engage in that exchange of
energy, to operate that domain that is present within
that form.
This is the personal domain that this Awareness has
spoken of previously. When an entity engages in
reclaiming this power, and this Awareness uses the
term ‘power’ rather loosely because it has
connotations and associations with the Elite structures
of the planet and that is not what is implied in this
statement; the power that is referred to here is that
which is in alignment with Universal Life Force
Energy and the natural laws that preside upon the
planet as per the Earth’s request.
As an entity engages in and builds a rapport with the
structures that compose one’s form, he or she is also
engaging in building the power that exists between
those structures and the soul and the Earth. And
through that dynamic polarity that exists between the
masculine and the feminine, there is an increasing
charge, an increase in frequency and vibration that
exists between those two components, and as that
increases, so does the opportunity for realignment.
With the result of that alignment is greater health,
greater self-awareness, and greater ability to manifest
transformation. Transformation begins within the
energy. It can become a positive or a negative,
depending on what one chooses. This is complete."
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