Meet Arthur The Stray Dog And His Saviors


"[FONT=Helvetica]After a stray dog in Ecuador met a team of Swedish adventure athletes, he grew so attached to the squad that he ran for miles and swam along to keep up with them. Now Arthur the dog is world-famous — and it all started with a meatball. "

[FONT=Helvetica]"The team says that after six days, they "crossed the finish line with 5 members instead of 4 as the 12th [/FONT][FONT=Helvetica]top team in the world."[/FONT][FONT=Helvetica]
[/FONT] ... lts-hearts[FONT=Helvetica]

A really heartwarming story of a stray dog that made many people be more sensitive towards all those stray dogs out there. There are the dogs that can be bought in pet shops and those in shelters but how many of us forget about the ones in the streets? If we cannot afford getting a dog home, at least we can let some water and food next to it. Those puppy eyes will show you all the appreciation for such a kind move! :)

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