I awoke this morning with the smell of the ocean around me, i live very far from the sea so i was wondering why i was smelling the ocean. I closed my eyes and after a few moments i   had a very vivid image of a whale swimming in the depths of the ocean. I let myself swim with the whale and i knew this was my teacher for the day. We swam and swam and i could feel the depths and shallowness of the water at times. The ocean, the whale and i were one and we swam together entangled with each other just through space and time. A reality just as vivid as anything in this physical world. This is what the whale had to teach me.

We swim in our world which is our ocean, sometimes the water is shallow and sometimes our water is deep and intense but we have to keep swimming nevertheless. Sometimes we can float, other times we have to swim very fast and sometimes when it all gets too much we have to surrender just like a beached whale. When we surrender everything to spirit we release ourselves of the burdens we carry.' Into your hands i commend my spirit'. Of course, we have the choice to try and carry all our burdens ourselves but spirit is wiser than we are and spirit will carry our burden if we trust that spirit will. So learn to release to spirit when the need arises.

Whales are thought to be self aware and have emotions like grief, and happiness. Whales can survive even if they go blind, they rely on sonar and their hearing. Sometimes even though we can see, we have a very limited view of the world. Everything in existence is not and cannot be seen with physical eyes. We have other senses that we can use, these senses are to be found in stillness and quiet moments. They are to be found when we are introspective. If we ask spirit to guide us in these moments we will become aware of a whole new reality that we were not aware of before.

The whale song can be breathtakingly beautiful. Music can raise our vibrations and lift our spirit, the next time you are feeling down play some music and see how easy it is to change your mood and your energy. Or close your eyes and swim with whale through the vast oceans, smell the sea and feel the protection of the vast whale by your side. Whales have blowholes which enable them to breathe. It is important for us let off steam every now and again and we should not be too harsh with ourselves when we have an outburst or react to someone else having an outburst. Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves when we learn to forgive ourselves we find it is much easier to forgive others.

While whales live in the ocean we live on land. Whale would not want to live on land and we would not want to live in the depths of the ocean. We each get according to our needs. Sometimes in life we have to accept that spirit knows what is best for us and that we get what we need not always what we want. We need to learn also that everyone is different and it is this difference that makes the world a beautiful place. Animals do not know prejudice, they love unconditionally.

In days gone by , people only killed what they needed for food. Anyone hunting a whale had to blessed by the local shaman or chief before killing the whale. This is because back then people were aware of the sacrifice the whale was making so that humans could survive and not starve. We all have to make sacrifices for the good of others sometimes, it is not always easy. Sacrifice is our soul growing and evolving with wisdom and humility. We have to learn a lot in this world some is shallow some is deep. The beautiful thing about life is everything passes eventually. Nothing is permanent and when we have learned what we came here to learn we shall once again swim in our ocean of love.

The white whale does exist and swims with spirit and us in our own magical ocean.

Charachteristics: Teacher, wisdom, awareness, depth, agile, sacrifice, emotional, introspection and creative.


LOve cheeneka x



Hello ....Whale wars was a good show. The group helped or even was the direct cause of Japan stopping the Japan whaling fleet.
Used to see the whales popping off thier water thru thier blow holes, while surfing in Puerto Rico. There was a Navy passive submarine listening station there. We kept watch out for Russian ballistic subs off the east Coast by the mid atlantic ridge. We could hear the Whales singing alot. Note that passive sonar does not mess up the whales, like the active sonar testing in the Bahamas at AUTEC


There is a whale in the ocean that is calling out but no other whale is answering. The whole of the scientific community is trying to find this whale. They can all hear the whale but they cannot find the whale. I hope they find the whale soon.

LOve cheeneka x
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