We all know the animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. Power animal is just taking these animals to a different level. Animals are another aspect of spirit and they work in the same way as angels and guides, everything is connected we just need to be aware of the synchronicity around us. When you see a particular animal and you look up the meaning of the animal you will surprised of the significance and relevance to what is happening in your life.

Power animals and their meanings is one of the oldest forms of divination known to man. They come from a time on earth when animal, plant and humans lived in perfect harmony, all part of one circle of life and all equal to each other. A time when humans only ever took from the earth what they needed to survive. Plants and animals were worshipped because humans knew that they could not survive on this earth without these two precious gifts from the universe. Each animal that was killed for food was honoured and thanked before it was eaten.

Each animal was said to possess different powers which the shaman or chieftain of each village would call forth depending on the circumstances. A shaman was like a medicine man and was said to possess magical powers. Most people think the shaman first surfaced in native America but in actual fact the first shamans originated in Siberia. The shaman believes that some of our illness is due to the fact that we are missing part of our soul; they believe that sometimes when we have trauma in our life part of our soul leaves and therefore we cannot be healed until we retrieve the part of our soul that is missing. The shaman travels to the other world to try and retrieve the part of the soul that is missing.

He does this by drumming and going into a trance. The shaman has power animals that take this journey with him and help him find his way through the many different paths he has to take. These animals guide him to his destination and help him find his way back. The wolf and the eagle are among most shamans’ power animals. The eagle to help him soar to the other world and the wolf to help him keep grounded while on this journey so that he does not get lost in the vastness of the other worlds.

The Native American Indians worshipped their animals by creating totem poles with individual animals on them. The most important ones being the eagle, buffalo, wolf and bear. They believed that as we are all part of the one circle of life that animals can teach us as much about the universe as we are willing to learn. We do not choose our power animal, they choose us. The reason they are called power animals is because animals make us fall in love with them and anything that brings out the love in us has to be very powerful. They have come here willingly to this earth to serve mankind in many different ways. They feed us, they love us they help us to love them, they clothe us, they work for us, they are our pets, imagine a world without animals!


While it is believed that we all have one or two power animals that are with us permanently, there are others that come and go in our lives bringing us different gifts and messages from the spiritual realms. When you begin to notice the animals around you and the ones that you meet unexpectedly and begin to see the meaning and symbolism of each animal, you begin to see the synchronicity associated with these humble messengers from spirit.

We are all merged, human, animal, plant and spirit. We are all interconnected and each species is as important as the other as together we make up life on this planet. Animals do have an important role to play as messengers, if you open up to them and the fact that they are always trying to communicate with us. When you begin to notice the different messages and symbols you will wonder why you didn’t use this very valuable tool of divination before.

To find out what your individual power animal is, is very simple. They want to help and so all they need is your permission and your will to see and believe. If you lay down and close your eyes, and in your mind go to a forest or a meadow. Notice the aromas, the sounds, the colours, and the running water and visualise the tall trees, the undergrowth and the sun shining through, giving you a sense of warmth and safety.

While you are using your imagination and not focused on anything as such, you will hear a sound of something rustling in the trees. When you are ready to see what is making the sound ask the animal to show itself to you. When you have seen the animal, follow it into the forest or the meadow and allow yourself to be led to wherever it leads you. Power animals come from love and are love so there is nothing to fear.

Another way to connect with power animal is to try and notice when you keep seeing the same animal everywhere, synchronicity! When you pick up a book you see the animal when you turn on the television you see the same animal, you see it in a magazine or someone will start talking about this particular animal, when this happens, this is your power animal trying to get your attention.:)

Call on your power animal when you need guidance and assistance or just to know that they are there. When you ask a question it is important to take the time to listen for the answer. Sometimes your power animal will send other animals to assist you in ways that they cannot. So, don’t be surprised if a different animal other than your own personal power animal pops into your life every now and then.

It is fun communicating with power animals and it should give you a sense of joy to be able to discern each animal and their different meanings.

Dr Doolittle is not the only person who has this beautiful gift.
LOve cheeneka x
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