Deeksha: The Transfer of Divine Energy

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"Bhagavan says, 'The mind of man is like a wall which divides man from God. The deeksha is an electrical energy that makes a hole in this wall, which we call the mind. Once this happens, then God and man can come to relate to each other.'
The act of receiving deeksha involves a special process where a qualified deeksha giver places their hands upon your head and, in a state of divine union, becomes a channel for cosmic energies directed by Bhagavan and Amma.
When a deeksha is received a neurobiological process takes place in the brain. Bhagavan refers to this process as 'divine surgery' where certain parts of the brain become activated and other parts are deactivated, enabling us to experience cosmic realities and oneness."

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Re: Deeksha: The Transfer of Divine Energy

hi drakke1,

I think it would blow your mind. I also think that this can only happen when a person is in a state of grace. Divine energy is omnipresence, thoughts and no time. Our conscious mind could not cope, it would have to happen to our unconscious mind. Even then to go from conscious to unconscious mind and be exposed to omnipresence we would feel like there were bits of us all over the place, omnipresence ( there would be bits of us all over the place) we would be telepathic and never know if our thoughts were our own again, we would reflect and merge everything around us because we would no longer have the divide or the autonomy! Pure love is not for a human to bestow pure love, divinity is for spirit to bestow.

As usual this is just my opinion.

LOve cheeneka x
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