Scientists believe that deer once inhabited the frozen Arctic Circle. It wasn’t until three or four million years ago that deer first migrated to the United States, while European caves have cave art depicting deer dating back forty thousand years.

In mythology deer is associated with the God Cernunnos, the Celtic god of nature and fertility who was said to possess two deer antlers on the top of his head. Saint Giles, who lived in France was said to have a deer as his sole companion while he lived in solitude.

The deer family has at least ninety species. Male deer and female deer grow and shed new antlers each year. The male is called a buck or stag and the female is called a doe or hind. They are excellent jumpers and swimmers. A deer habitat is the forest, woods, grasslands and the jungle.

The deer is gentle and vulnerable. It moves through the forest almost unseen. The forest camouflages the presence of the deer. It frightens very easily and is always on alert. It is always aware of its surroundings and moves very swiftly when the need arises. It is sure footed even in areas of woodland that are steep and dangerous.

The deer is very adaptable and can survive in many different environments; it can survive in the harshest of climates and the warmest of climates. In winter deer often move to lower ground to avoid the deeper snow. They dig through the snow to eat the grass underneath and even eat twigs, branches and any leaves that are available.

If you look into a Doe’s eyes they are mesmerising and deep, you can see your reflection looking back at you as if you were looking into a mirror. Behind those eyes, lie the secrets of the forest, the many paths that have been trodden over millennium. All the mysteries of days gone by and of nature breathing in and out, changing with the seasons.

If deer is your power animal then you are gentle and vulnerable. You are aware of your surroundings and are cautious in any situation. You know when to take action and when to do nothing. You have a gift for the mysteries of life. You can be very spiritual and grounded at the same time. You have the ability to see past the masks and see right into someone’s soul, you too carry the mysteries of days gone by and can delve into this knowledge of the forest of life whenever you wish to do so. You can make your home anywhere and are very adaptable. When you find life tough going and relationships get too intense you can just take flight to safer ground. You can survive anything that life throws at you and life has been a bit harsh at times. You love the outdoors and love to go hiking and climbing. Like the forest camouflages the deer you can sometimes feel invisible to people around you.

Deer’s message would be to tread sure footed through the twists and turns of your life. Have faith that you know the path that is right for you. Listen to your own inner voice and not to what other people are telling you to do. When reindeer fly they always land safely, know that when you fly, the comfort of the forest floor will soften your landing and bring you safely back down to earth. The deer is an excellent swimmer and like the deer you should just try sometimes going with the flow and floating rather than trying to swim against the current.

Trust your intuition and trust Deer to show you the way, and to help you move swiftly to a safer path when the need arises. Learn to expect the unexpected and try and see this change not as upheaval but as a gentle redirection onto the right path. Like the deer you are a survivor and you always find creative and innovative ideas when you need them. Try and be more confident in the beautiful, graceful person that you are. Go out into the woodlands and forests and gaze upon this graceful animal when you want to bring deer closer to you.


Gentleness, creative Grace, Beauty, Agility, Vulnerability, survivor, innovative, adaptability, intuitive, airy.

Ask deer to assist you when you are feeling vulnerable or you need to get in touch with your compassion and empathy. Also when you are unsure of which path to take in life. When you need to find your inner strength to scale the mountains that seem to be in your way. When you need to feel safe and confident that all will turn out as it was meant to for your higher purpose.

LOve cheeneka x :cloudh
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