The dragon is a mixture of both reptile and serpent. While the serpent slithers on the ground the dragon has wings and can fly. Dragons are usually depicted with legs, wings, scales, and fire breathing from their mouths. In mythology the dragon nearly always needs to be slayed to protect beauty, innocence, and abundance. The dragon is always seen as the enemy of good. Like the serpent they have often been portrayed as that which leads us into temptations to do wrong. The mixture of reptile and serpent leads us to the duality of existence, one slithers on the ground, which is our ego and the other can fly which is our spirit. Neither part is greater than the other; both parts need each other to exist. In some religions dragons are seen as the primal force of nature, wisdom, longevity and are said to possess magical powers.

 The Chinese dragon is said to possess immense power over water, rainfall, hurricanes, and floods. It is said to be an omen of power, strength, and good luck. Historically, the dragon was the symbol of the Emperor of China. Most Dragon lore is traditionally associated with Buddhist temples. Chinese Buddhists saw the dragon as a symbol of creativity and enlightenment. Today dragons decorate roofs and gates of temples, both as guardians and to symbolize the dragon's power of clarity.

 The dragon is also a symbol of renewal, he breathes fire to destroy that which is no longer needed, when one tree is burned down its seeds grow again stronger than before. It is thought that human beings cannot slay the dragon as the dragon is much more powerful, only the bravest of the bravest of human beings would ever face a fire breathing dragon, and usually if they do, it is to protect and defend love. Symbolically this represents facing our worst nightmares.

 Dragon’s message tells a different story though. Dragon is vulnerable and so he protects himself with fire and scales. His tender heart bleeds the fire of purity, as human beings we fear what we do not understand or know. We see dragon as the enemy not the friend that he is. For he can purify all that is dead within us, he can kill the rot so that our own fire can glow brightly.

 When we see past the fear we see dragon for the magnificent power that he is. To have dragon on our side and not our enemy is to possess all the power that dragon possesses. Instead of trying to defeat dragon we should learn to understand him and respect his knowledge and wisdom as dragon is eternal and has the wisdom of the ages if only we would take the time to learn.

 When we face our fear, there is nothing left to fear. The enemy is fear not the dragon. He symbolises our fear of the unknown and everything that we cannot control. When we stop trying to control and just go with the flow then like dragon we can have power over our own rivers, hurricanes, and floods. We do not have to slay the dragon to possess his power; we need to love him to possess his powers.

 We all have a dragon within us but we are too blind to see what lies behind our own fire and scales. We build walls to keep the dragon away but all we manage to do is imprison our own power and gifts. When we let the walls down we see how blind we have been and open ourselves up to enlightenment which can only come when we embrace all that we are.

When we fight to defend and protect love then we are fighting to protect something which is not our right to possess, we can never own or possess love. Love is something given freely and not something we can earn or own.

Usually dragon people are old souls yet their appearance is always youthful. They love mysteries of any kind and their spirituality is sometimes seen as way outside the box. They are usually seen as different or eccentric almost, for ‘their devil may care’ attitude. They are direct and innocent sometimes in their honesty, as they get older they learn that sometimes a white lie is alright to use to spare someone’s feelings! Dragon people have an inner strength that is way beyond what most people consider strong. They can and have endured trials and tribulations that would defeat most people but not them.

When these people get angry they can unleash their own breath of fire that can astonish the recipient, this is because they are usually quite mellow most of the time. They often feel guilty after their rage because their wisdom tells them that anger is never a good advisor. They have a deep connection with spirit and usually work as mediums, psychics or even a mystic sometimes. They have healing powers that usually do not reveal themselves until the person is in the winter of their life.

These people are very creative and very sensitive, it is the empath within them that helps them empathise with other people and also see beauty where others cannot. When in fear you should call on the strength of the dragon, when in doubt call on his wisdom. When you feel your creativity is not flowing as it should ask dragon to inspire you, draw or paint him to bring him closer to you. As dragon is a mythical creature, the world is your oyster and is only limited by your own lack of imagination. If you can dream it or imagine it then it is no longer mythical, it is a thought brought into this world, remember just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If you can see something in your mind then it does exist somewhere!

Dragon characteristics; strength, wisdom, magic, healing, psychic, creativity, power, luck.
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