Sumeria and the real Eden

Hi. My friends were round earlier and amongst a lot of chin wagging, we saw a vid of the real location of "Eden" being now under the Red Sea down stream from Basra.. Really great stuff. So my eldest now wants to look more into it, and the youtube stuff he says, is limited and some of its flakey.
Can anyone assist in source info please? He particularly wants to know about the location of ''Darmil'' I think it is, the port that moved with the rise in sea levels 8,000 years ago.
Thanks :loveflower

Re: Sumeria and the real Eden

Hello.... I would assume you could google (or other) for any specifics on the latest historical finds. I have not heard anything about it yet.
I am quite interested in the fruit (knowledge of Good and evil) from the garden of Eden. As this has been a problem for man for many centuries and has been somewhat of a cause for most all suffering.  Some believe that by rejecting the word evil or the concept of evil itself they can free themselves from the negative effects of this knowledge.  Or at least minimize it to some extent.  To get back to paradise by rejecting the concept of evil. Or go forward to heaven on Earth.To whatever degree possible

Since JC used the word Evil (as reported) I do not think or believe we can ignore its existence, just as we can not ignore sickness.  I would not contradict JC. Sickness causes physical death and can not be ignored.  The garbage in the kitchen will be Garbage no matter what we call it.  It still needs to be thrown out.  I do believe there is some Truth to the perception of looking past evil/sickness/ect as part of  this Goal is to find some good in all things and all events. To see past the negative. To choose to bless instead of Curse.  To seek that lighthouse of Light that shines in the dark. This is a good goal even if not fully embodied yet.

It about balance. This is important IMHO
Be well
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