Shugendo: The Magickal Path of the Mountain Mystics

A fine web site discussing the depth and power of this esoteric practice fusing elements of Shinto, Daoism and Tantric quest of magickal powers, medical skills and long life...

"Shugendō’s development was strongly influenced by the Kami-Buddha religious matrix of the medieval period. During the Heian era (794-1185), shrines were constructed alongside temples on many sacred mountains, epitomized by the powerful Tendai shrine-temple multiplex on Mt. Hiei 比叡 (northeast of Kyoto) and the holy places throughout the nearby Kumano mountain range. The local kami residing on these peaks were considered manifestations of the imported Buddhist divinities, and pilgrimages to these sites were believed to bring double favor from both the kami and the Buddhist deities."

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