Suspended in animation

My perception is probably influenced by experiences. I do not believe in absolute truths. I look in the mirror and I see a person. I perceive with spirit and the person disappears. When everything physical can disappear is it reality or illusion. I say I but it doesn't always relate to me as an individual. In a reality where I could be anybody how do you find an individual. It has happened on occasion where I thought my head was going to explode only to turn on the TV and see someone had been shot in the head. I was feeling what they were feeling it wasn't real in my reality yet the feeling was very real. In a reality where time does not exist can there be any sense to anything.
Awareness of another reality can be very confusing sometimes. There is no logic, no structure, it merely 'just is'
I think our reality depends on our vibrations and frequencies the higher or lower is the energy of our thoughts.

Love Tawmeeleus x

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