Spare a thought for the people of Paris tonight they are under attack......this is important because I am watching it unfold. All victims are important but to witness it happen live on t.v. I think I don't know what to think anymore......I have read and I have heard and I have seen after the event.......there for the grace of God go I. I am shocked and I am saddened and I am.........there are no words.
LOve cheeneka x


my sister just called me to say not to go out and stay home, i'm watching on tv too .. Very scary and sad, but unfortunately it's not going to stop, we are already at red alert level, i don't know how this whole thing will end .. Apparently they say it's a "carnage" inside :p crazy . 


Here they say they don't know how many killed yet, probably dizains. Not sure they rescued anyone except those who escaped. For the moment they don't have number of how many killed inside. Apparently they just opened fire in the middle of the concert and used grenades. It's not really hostage taking.



This video may have the answers. There are hidden codes on this. The title means Death, one of the several codes shown in here is in the background with the coordnates to the White House and hidden symbols meaning "KILLTHEPRESIDENT", figured I just point that. But in the video the man "says" this year is going to be 3. But 3 what? Maybe it will be the third world war. John Titor, the infamous time traveler has said WWIII would begin in 2015 and that France was involved. And this day this has happened. Just a theory.


cheeneka wrote:You will be safe hobby1 there are hundreds and hundreds of army and police on the streets.

LOve cheeneka x
They say on tv that everyone stay at home except absolute necessity and it's emergency state now. Ok i have some cans and my little rat, i can stay here for a few day if it's the war :p Closed border etc, but there are already military in the street everywhere for the past year. Only here there are 3 vigipirate van patrolling all day, and it's same in paris.



You wrote about all of this recently because you knew..... somewhere inside of you, and you also know from that same source that you are are a very valuable soul and nothing will happen to you.

Again I am going to send healing because that is what I try to do.

LOve cheeneka x


shamanwolf wrote:

This video may have the answers. There are hidden codes on this. The title means Death, one of the several codes shown in here is in the background with the coordnates to the White House and hidden symbols meaning "KILLTHEPRESIDENT", figured I just point that. But in the video the man "says" this year is going to be 3. But 3 what? Maybe it will be the third world war. John Titor, the infamous time traveler has said WWIII would begin in 2015 and that France was involved. And this day this has happened. Just a theory.
I already knew 2015 would be a mess for a while. And i have feeling it's not going to be the end of it really yet.


cheeneka wrote:Hobby1

You wrote about all of this recently because you knew..... somewhere inside of you, and you also know from that same source that you are are a very valuable soul and nothing will happen to you.

Again I am going to send healing because that is what I try to do.

LOve cheeneka x
Thanks :) It's clear for me all indicator they are in the red currently, this kind of thing were predictible too, it's clear the situation is tense in paris for a while.


SeekerTim wrote:Hello This is crazy. keep your head low Hobby1

I barely go out and i live in a muslim district here, so at least i guess there is very little chance of islamist attack here, and i'm not wanted in the district as far as i know :p The two last time i've been to paris, it was exactly in this area thought :p My friend has his shop in one of the street that has been attacked apparently :p


Let us pray for the sols of the victims and their relatives and send them all the light we can muster at such dark times...i got a feeling this is just a foretaste of things to come....i'm certain there are terrorists hiding amongst the fugitives from Middle East flooding Europe right now, which will only team up to make a battlefield of the Old World. And this will only result in racial and religious hatred rising and police state enforced.
During the dark times that come in the future, we can only turn to the Light otherwise we'll be consumed by the tsunami of Shadow.


terrible. really terrible.

so you think that Iran and Saudi and and a few other countries have even one remote chance against USA, Russia, China, Japan, and Europe to do any more than now, they are using these tactics ....yup. that will be and end for some.



Hello my dear friends.
We heard the news of this horror in Paris on the radio this morning. l have specially come to message you of all our village's prayers in mourning for two days for those suffering in result of this horrible event of yesterday, and its pain that will last for many years to come.

My feeling is that this will be far from the last time such evil will visit. It is so very sad and entirely against the wonder of all of life's teaching to each of us. Those who engage in such vile acts are lost to the original spirit of humanity. There is little that may be done to change the ideology of people like this.

What can be achieved as a result of added precautions and checks, is little to a mortally convinced soul, who will wind a way under the trees into any house and make their horrors.

l cannot say l was not expecting something to happen. If it is not news of airplane crashes, then it is horrors like this. Very sad indeed, and seemingly now every month.

Our strongest prayers and blessings we send to all who are touched by this tragedy.


Haroeris wrote:And this will only result in racial and religious hatred rising and police state enforced.
This is already the case for a good decade around paris. Already they say vigipirate level red it's not enought, not it's the emergency state it's the closer we have of a police state. It was only rised during the algeria war and only partially during riot 2005. Apparently there is one guy who come from paris suburb, i'm not sure what to expect in term of police reaction.


At least it doesn't seem to slow down the buisness in the district :p But there is no immediate solution to this, it's very likely this kind of thing will keep happening more and more for a while everywhere. Someone told some of the shooters are still running but on tv they seem to say they are all dead :p But it's kinda weird how the number of them changed and there seemed to be a lot of confusion on how many people they were. Am i the only one to find this weird they find passport of the people who blowed themselve up with a strap bomb ?



I think they found the passport on the one they shot, at least that is what is being reported here. They say the attack was organised outside the country and they are searching lots of apartments in other countries for others.

Be well h0bby1

LOve cheeneka x


#40 ... 655_23.php

Who are the suicide bombers?

The "Syrian track" is one of the investigators working hypotheses, pointed to the police sources, adding that checks were made in connection with foreign intelligence services, particularly in Europe. A Syrian passport was found near one of the perpetrators of the attacks, which clearly raises the question of a possible stay in jihad area other members of the commando and their training. Already, a police source evokes "seasoned guys at first sight and well trained, that witnesses describe as quite young and confident."
The body of a French identified

The body of a French intelligence services knew, probably one of the attackers Bataclan, was identified Saturday. The remains of the bodies of suicide bombers who blew themselves Boulevard Voltaire, Bataclan and the Stade de France must be brought to the Forensic Medicine Institute (IML). The investigators hope that DNA traces or usable fingerprints coincide with an offenders file. According to police sources, witnesses recall the assailants came in a car registered in Belgium, leaving open the hypothesis of a team from abroad, without excluding the presence of local. A track outside the borders reinforced by the arrest on November 5 in Bavaria a man in possession of guns and explosives, which could be related to the attacks, the minister president of the German region.
On the Trail of henchmen and sponsors

The coordination of the attacks - explosion at the Stade de France in an international match, shootings in Paris - leaves little doubt: the project is designed and prepared to strike the minds and sow terror. In August, a French arrested on his return from Syria, where he stayed a few days in Raqqa, a stronghold of the Islamic State, had spoken of the Islamic State of instructions to aim a concert hall. Replace the wire logistical support and sponsors depend on traces left by the suicide bombers. The presence of explosive belts is unprecedented in France and suggests the presence of a pyrotechnician. "The explosives expert is too precious, never involved in attacks. So he's there, somewhere ...", thinks the former head of security intelligence service DGSE, Claude Chouet, contacted by AFP.
In the survey of previous attacks in Paris in January, work on the environment was made possible in part on Amédy Coulibaly, through telephony and DNA, which led to the indictment of seven his henchmen, but none are directly involved in the attacks. And Kouachi brothers seem to have much more compartmentalized their contacts. Investigators are convinced qu'Amédy Coulibaly, who acted in coordination with Kouachi brothers had received instructions from abroad, probably from the Iraqi-Syrian area controlled by the Islamic State. This is also the case for Ghlam Sid Ahmed, arrested in April while planning to attack a church in Villejuif.


#41 ... osa-nostra

The Parisians are in shock following the series of terrorist attacks that left at least 129 dead and 200 seriously injured in the French capital. Macabre story of a journey through the city streets in mourning.

Saturday morning, Paris wakes up in the mist. Its inhabitants are emerging in a trickle, frozen. This is less the fall which struck a blow after the Indian summer which paralyzes the shock of the new attacks that hit the French capital in his heart, less than a year after the attacks in " Charlie Hebdo ". On the evening of Friday, November 13, six simultaneous attacks left at least 129 dead and over 300 injured, 80 are still in an absolute emergency.

Saturday morning, the 11th district still bears the scars of bloody attacks. The police, on the nerves, barricade the area. "It does not stop, it runs!" Yells a CRS, hissing locals that slow not to cast a frightened glance toward the concert hall. The wounded were evacuated in the night, but at this early hour, the rescue yet evacuated the body. Regularly, journalists massed near the Boulevard Richard Lenoir must move away to let the fire trucks carrying the victims of the massacre.

"At first, I thought of a bad joke"

Denis was in the concert hall. Met Saturday morning near the Bataclan, it has red eyes of those sleepless nights and haggard. "It will take me several days to realize what happened," he says to the press. It was just thirty went to listen to "one of his favorite bands," and he was not the only one to rejoice in the concert of Eagles of Death Metal that played to sold before nearly 1500 people. "The hall was packed," says Denis.

The latter was dancing when he heard the first burst of gunfire. "At first I thought it was a bad joke, I thought it was firecrackers thrown by guys who wanted to spoil the concert. But it lasted a bit too long and I realized it was serious." The young man climbed a staircase to take refuge in a small room upstairs, a reflex that surely saved his life. "Most people who were killed were in the pit," he testifies.

>> Read on France 24: "Hollande: 'This is an act of war committed by a terrorist army, Daech"

From his hiding refuge where dozens of people he hears bursts of gunfire rang so loudly "they make the walls shake." "Women were panicked, they tried to calm them, to remain as quiet as possible. There was solidarity among us," he recalls. Among them, the wounded to be cared for with the means at hand, towels and clothing as makeshift tourniquets "It was dark, we did not see much blood but one felt moisture," says Denis.

After three hours of anxious waiting, the police finally arrived to free the survivors, advising them not to look around them, a difficult order to take in such circumstances. Denis has images of horror etched retina background: "There were bloody bodies everywhere People survived by pretending to be dead They spent more than three hours among the dead ... A woman came out.. with pieces of flesh in the hair ... ", the voice of Denis breaks. The images are too harsh, words not strong enough. Shivering with cold, haunted by what he would only be a nightmare, he evades questions from journalists to disappear in the morning chilling.

"I saw a man shoot the pavement"

Further along the sidewalk, Isabelle also relives his night. She was not in the Bataclan, but in his apartment just above. Friday night, the children were out and she took the opportunity to organize a dinner with friends. She was at her window was smoking when she saw a man pull on the sidewalk with what appears to be a Kalashnikov.

"Instinctively, we turned off the lights and we all lowered," said the quarantine. Casting a glance at the window, she sees a man hit by ball. "He was still standing, he staggered. So we rushed down to make it fit in the building". The victim, thirty year came to Lille to attend the concert where he was wounded in the abdomen.
Flowers deposited near the Bataclan, Saturday, November 14, the day of the attacks claimed by EI. © Sarah Leduc, France 24

"The relief was initially unreachable and they could not," she said, tugging nervously on his cigarette, "then the firemen told us to pressure points. We were trying to keep him awake, to limit the bleeding but it does not stop bleeding, "she continues. Isabelle decides to leave the building demanding, yelling, help the police barricade his street. The young man is evacuated several minutes later. "It seemed an eternity," she recalls, stroking the head of his 15 year old son who, in turn, found refuge at a friend's for the night. At last, the young man she rescued survived.

Solidarity in Paris

In the midst of these atrocities, solidarity prevailed in Paris. Isabelle, like thousands of other Parisians, opened his door to injured and to those who could not go home. Like Peter, doctor of thirty years, which hosted the fugitives of the slaughter that took place at the same time, rue de la Fontaine au Roi. In this street a few hundred meters from the Bataclan, the attackers fired on the terrace of an Italian caterer, "Casa Nostra", where at least five people were killed and twenty injured.

His manager, Dimitri Mohammedi, 43, was out for a drink when men opened fire on his restaurant. Alerted by a call he arrived on the scene shortly after relief and his story is as apocalyptic as the previous. It finds its facade riddled with bullets, "just at head height." "There was a body on the floor, and a woman who had been shot in the arm to the ground crying," he says. "At first I thought it was a settling of accounts, difficult to imagine that a terrorist attack will do to you ...", breath the man who is speechless. As anyone who lived near or far that night of horror.

>> Read on France 24: "international solidarity demonstration after the attacks in Paris"

Annick let the tears roll down her wrinkled cheeks. Met at the intersection of Oberkampf Street and the Boulevard Richard Lenoir, Parisian of 63 years is paralyzed. This retiree lives in the neighborhood for 35 years, in an adjoining apartment at the Bataclan. Barricaded home in the evening, she spent the night listening anxiously insistent sirens of emergency and police. "I wanted to be here this morning, in the street, to be thought with all the victims," she says. "I lived the events of Saint-Michel (in 1995, editor's note), then those of" Charlie Hebdo ", 200 meters from my house and there, young people who only wanted to live were killed down home, "she enumerates. "I'm out there to show that I will continue my little life. It will not keep me out of my home, go drink my tea Bastille and make my market in the neighborhood. It will not stop me live. In any case, not 'them'. "



I go to mass once a year on my husband's anniversary. Tonight was such a night. Prayers were offered up for the people of Paris and a lot of people cried during the prayers. I think the whole world is united in grief for the people of Paris.

LOve cheeneka x


It's so disturbing this thing ..

I know many people say it happen all the time all over the world, but in term of psychological impact and all i think it's really reaching a peak ..

Even the WTC, what i say is maybe a bit cruel, but in the world the WTC is not necessarily a symbol that attract a lot of sympathy in general, even in america, every one know they are a bunch of crook and thug in white collar, even charlie i wasn't so moved by it, they put themselves in political line too, i'm not that much charlie either, i never really like this news paper and they don't represent really an ideal of freedom of expression for me either .. In labanon they have seen also lot of conflict and civil war that has been very violent, it's also very segmented country and lot of different community and tension there all the time, and attacks do not have this same psychological impact and can be also result of local conflict between community like there can be gang related violence but not every one feel targeted by it ..

Here it's like ok, young in a concert room, people at restaurant table, shot like this at a gun point in the street, it doesn't make any sense, not even really meaningul at all, it's just non sense ..

In the other thread also someone told other countries are much worst with social injustice & all, and at that time i felt like answering that it's not even so much a problem of social injustice or economy, but much more deeply rooted hatred or something i cannot name otherwise than a feeling of xenophobia, free hate, free violence, people who just get aggressed for nothing at all, just because they are not of the good group or the good district or the good origin, or for 2 cents thing really .. It's like really scary in a way, specially because it doesn't make sense from an economic or any other point of view, it's more really cold racism or xenophobia that is much more scary and disturbing .. It's not even islam, or anything it's just some latent aggressivity and criminal behavior and decomplexion with using violence.

It's been so long time this is going on all around paris and nobody really pay attention, at least now it's really reasurring to me to see many people realize there is a true problem with paris, that there are attacks that are on the level of thing you would see in country out of civil war or third world countries, right in the middle of europe, it's really disturbing ..

And it's not even really syrian refugee the problem, apparently the cell is from belgium, and i could bet a grand that in a 2km from where i sit there is enought weapon and people to use them to start a civil war, but it's a latent problem nobody want to see for a while ..

All those street they have attacked they are also kinda symbolic, i wonder with friday 13, as it's in relation with templar, and the attacks happened near the temple street, all this area is where there are many remanent of templar and alchemist, i walked there for hours with a friend, it's near there that there was the jew magic exposition last time, and my friend who is the iroquoi consul has his shop in this street too, it's near republic it's a masonic place with plenty of history of the templar .. They are place that are rather popular too, and rather lively and young ..

And the thing that is more disturbing with this emergency state is that paris is still one of the place in europe where people go to either party or do tourism, and lot of diplomat and all can have their children who go to a concert in paris, or it's place that is quite alive normally, and now it will be all dead for a while i guess with the emergency state and all, it's a strong psychological signal in europe i think if you can't go to a concert in paris without fearing an attack like this, even when it's already in level red vigipirate ..

another thing that make it specially scary is that it's a synchronized attack, the whole theory of lone wolf, or deranged person who auto radicalize on internet is off, it's a synchronized effort and it most likely have been planned at least in part from inside europe , i find this different psychologically from a single person who blow himself or isolated act of a person "going crazy". 

They have said we are in a state of war etc, with the emergency state we didn't have this since the algeria war, and france is not even really engaged in syria as far as i know, they are just doing monitoring flight ? Or some few strike maybe, but now i really wonder what to expect ..
tongue emotico

I just hope everyone will stay quiet and it will not encourage more violence ..


They are stuck in the middle age with their crusade ... ... 51415.html

CAIRO (Reuters) - Islamic State claimed responsibility on Saturday for attacks that killed 127 people in Paris, saying it sent militants strapped with suicide bombing belts and carrying machine guns to various locations in the heart of the capital.

The attacks, described by France's president as an act of war, were designed to show the country would remain in danger as long as it continued its current policies, Islamic State said in a statement.

"To teach France, and all nations following its path, that they will remain at the top of Islamic State’s list of targets, and that the smell of death won’t leave their noses as long as they partake in their crusader campaign," said the group.

French President Francois Hollande said the violence was organized from abroad by Islamic State with internal help.

"Faced with war, the country must take appropriate action," he said, without saying what that meant.

View gallerySydneysiders hold a vigil for the victims of the Paris …
Sydneysiders hold a vigil for the victims of the Paris attacks in front of a French flag in Sydney,  …
The attacks at a stadium, concert hall and cafes and restaurants in northern and eastern Paris were "an act of war committed by Daesh that was prepared, organized and planned from outside (of France)" with help from inside France, Hollande said, using the Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

Earlier on Saturday, Islamic State redistributed a video, that first appeared on the internet a year ago, threatening to attack France if bombings of its fighters continued.

The group's foreign media arm, Al-Hayat Media Centre, made threats through several militants who called on French Muslims to carry out attacks.

"As long as you keep bombing you will not live in peace. You will even fear traveling to the market," said one of the militants, identified as Abu Maryam the Frenchman.

Hollande said the attacks were "an act of war".

View galleryA postcard and flowers are left in tribute to victims …
A postcard and flowers are left in tribute to victims of Paris attacks outside the French Embassy in …
The location of the Islamic State fighters in the video was not clear and it was not possible to determine when it was filmed, but the message was unmistakable.

The fighters, who appeared to be French citizens, sat cross-legged in a group wearing fatigues and holding weapons in what appeared to be a wooded area. The video showed the militants burning passports.

"Indeed you have been ordered to fight the infidel wherever you find him – what are you waiting for?," said Abu Maryam.

"Know that jihad in this time is obligatory on all."

Another militant, identified as Abu Salman the Frenchman, said: "There are weapons and cars available and targets ready to be hit. Even poison is available, so poison the water and food of at least one of the enemies of Allah."

View galleryA young boy leaves flowers in tribute to victims of …
A young boy leaves flowers in tribute to victims of Paris attacks outside the French Embassy in Lond …
"Terrorize them and do not allow them to sleep due to fear and horror," he added.

Foreign fighters who join Islamic State, the group which controls large swathes of Iraq and Syria, are seen as especially dangerous because Western passports enable them to live in and travel to Western countries undetected.

Another militant in the video, identified as Abu Osama the Frenchman, appealed to Muslims living in France to head to Syria to wage jihad, in "a message from your French brothers".

"Jihad is the path of Allah You strengthen their economy and pay taxes which they use to fight us, and kill our sister, our women and our children," he said.

"Are you not embarrassed? Repent to your Lord and come join us. Because a day may come when the borders will be closed and you will be left only with tears and regret."

(Additional reporting by Ahmed Tolba; Writing by Michael Georgy; editing by John Stonestreet)

Other Arab countries, as well as Iran, strongly denounced the Paris attacks.
- Condemnation by Assad backers -
A key backer of Assad throughout Syria's war, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called the attacks "crimes against humanity".
Hassan Nasrallah, chief of Lebanon's powerful Shiite Muslim movement Hezbollah that has fought in Syria alongside Assad's forces, expressed "strong condemnation and denunciation of the terrorist attack by the criminals of Daesh in Paris".
A joint statement by 49 rebel groups in Syria condemned "in the strongest terms" the Paris attacks, calling the IS action there "criminal attacks that are against (Islamic) laws and human values".
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates condemned the "terrorist" attacks and called for international cooperation to eradicate "this dangerous and destructive scourge".
Qatar condemned the "armed attacks and bombings", saying they "contradict all moral and humanitarian principles and values".
The head of Sunni Islam's leading seat of learning, Egypt's Al-Azhar, condemned the "hateful incident" and urged "the world to unite to confront this monster".
The top Sunni Muslim religious authority in Saudi Arabia, the council of senior ulemas, said the attacks which also wounded 300 people were "contrary to Islam and its principles".
And Bassem Naim, head of the Islamist Palestinian movement Hamas's Council of International Relations, called the attacks "acts of aggression and barbarity".
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