Re: Karmic Return For Gyorgy Schwartz/George Soros?

You know, I spent the best years meeting people in coffee shops and dives. Bureaucratic lawmakers ruined that lifestyle too. I had to think about it, but yeah, he was the last person i recall to be someone i enjoyed meeting for coffee.
triple bypass, yeah, wow!
Christmas eve, looks about the approx same time, I felt the onset of a burning pain like hunger or indigestion for no apparent reason, it was strange and i wondered what was going on because i felt fine otherwise.

We all have our own paths to experience, decisions to make, and no one's is the same as anyone else. Even if we were to walk in the shoes of others to be able to make different choices than they, the future outcomes and responsibility for our actions will always be our own. I didn't care to ask him about all that past, but I did hear his perceptive reality which was that of a frightened young boy subjected to the same mind control nightmare as anyone else with a chance to live.

I didn't see the evil in him, myself, I seen it around him and being worked through him by others, and i understood that it didnt matter what his choices were for the good that they would be twisted and perverted into a sinister ending. He's just a man that was good with money, that's all I seen in him and couldn't say that in itself was bad.

A coffee and a slice of pie, that's who I'll always remember with a smile, I sorry the rest of the world couldn't know that side of the man... maybe...

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