holy bawls. I am so very very sorry if your mother said that to you. that is absolutely terrible, regardless of indigo or not. I dont wear makeup (cause im lazy and i dont know how) and i couldnt imagine how terrible it would feel to hear that... not to make you feel worse but my imaginary arms are around you hugging you. i cant believe people say that stupid bs.

that mother is being ignorant and selfish. i say who give a **** about what she thinks. you do you and be beautiful the way you are, however it is you want to be or express yourself <3


no mother has the right to put her own sense of importance over her child's sense of self-integrity. Beauty is not externally sourced. AT ALL. Granted, externals can be aesthetic and also enhanced, but there is nothing inherently humiliating about NOT choosing to fake the externals. If she feels there is, she needs to get therapy and not put that artificial shame on her child. Regardless of talents.

Why would a mother put her son/daughter down? It's not right. The mother should be there to support and help, not go round and put the girl down. If she doesn't want to wear makeup, let her do that.

Children are often treated horribly. The things that people say to children, the way they're treated, the expectations that are put upon them are just ridiculous.

We need to take care of each other.

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