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Just happily reconnecting to this platform... after a life-lesson of balance and harmony for self, I am starting my connection platform for those who love to rest a bit in a world where noise and creation is running wild (^-^)... shortly opening a physical place for connection and a kind of self-made qi gong for lovely reconnection with self... at this stage, reaching out to all for fun on the facebook pages : ZenWalker's Path [for balance and harmony] or Indigo Initiative [for insights and creative expressions] or Energy Master [for energizing in a positive loving way the self] .... you are very welcome to join there and interact with others, if you feel for it....all without any request and in free flow of your choice ....:rolleyes:

Zen Walker Komaya

Hi! Glad you are back. Lots of new people--rookies, newbies, and old souls connecting up. Must be because this is the time of the awakening. There are years of it ahead but we all might as well get started now. We can provide a structure or platform for the new people...of the "New Age".
Blessings and wa to you,
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