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Baby Indigo? Crystal? Rainbow? Or none?

Hi All!

I just came across this site and I have been reading through it for HOURS! There is so much about my 16 month daughter I have been questioning since the day she was born and I would like to know your views and if you have any answers for me ect...

As a new born my girl had bright eyes that loads of people described as being 'wide open' and 'strong'.
During the first week of her birth when we had many visitors, I remember family and friends keep commenting on how wise her eyes were for a new born.

She was also born with ALOT of thick black hair. Being that her father is a Muslim, islamically on the 7th day after birth the baby's hair must be shaven off- bold. So much to my despair that was done - though a month after doing so I was getting comments of amazement from people about how dark, thick and full my daughter's hair is. Now her hair is sooo much I buy her adult winter hats! Lol!!

early this week I noticed something strange about her teeth... She has only two top incisors in between two canines...??? Is this normal? Do I have to wait for her milk teeth to fall out and her proper teeth to grow? I've tried checking her bottom tooth but she won't let me, lol may have to tickle her to see them...

My nephew and my daughter are two months apart, he is very playful and is always trying to play and mess around with her. My baby is more interested in watching music channels which she loves like CRAZY, and she can sit down for ages without making noise or being disruptive. She doesn't like being carried much, unless its by myself and not for too long. She started holding her bottles alone and feeding herself from them around 7/8 months old. Now she hates it when I try and feed her, she prefers to take the piece of food alone and put it in her mouth herself. She is very independant. Some people call her anti- social in a playful way, my Mum always jokes about her being an old women. I have been getting concerned recently I looked up 'early signs of autism' the other day, my brother has severe autism so I can't rule out the possibility.

After a very BAD breakdown of the relationship with my child's father during the first 6 months of this year, I was a destructive state I desperately went to see a reputable clairvoyant - psychic. I left my baby girl in her pushchair in the reception of her office, the women never saw my baby but told me that my child has a very old wise soul (Egyptian) and that when she is 5 years old she will amaze me and people. She had a lot to say about my baby even though I did not bring her up.

any thoughts or answers to this? In regards to the teeth thing, i will register her at a dentist today to get their thoughts too! Lol..

Thanks in advance.. Blessing x
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I have to agree about her being an old soul. I'm sorry you had such rough times.You can still counteract any negative effects of your sad experiences by meditating, doing things that bring you happiness and focusing on your needs. Pay attention to your needs or you will end up dumping your negative baggage on the kids. Did I mention that you should attend to your needs first. Lol

You can increase psychic abilities in your children by learning to shield and ground them. Be happy and don't compromise on your joy.
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