Psytrance festivals and psychedelics

I expiremented with some LSD for the first time a few weeks ago. Having already had a "breakthrough" trip on magic mushrooms last year I wanted to experience the effects of the more potent chemical alternative. I took 3 blotters (150mcg) just after lunch on a saturday and tripped until 3am on sunday morning. The experience was very similar to shrooms but lasted almost 3 times longer. I put on some psychedelic music from Youtube retuned to 432 Hz to enhance the experience and WOW, when this started : ... =3&t=2385s (Ajja - Tulpa)
My trip through the multidimensional fractals took on a whole diffrent intensity, I love trance music so I was surprised that I'd never heard of Psytrance until that moment, the "triples" bassline and 145+ bpm beat seem to be perfectly tuned to a psychedelic experience.

As the effects were wearing off, I discovered some pysbient and downtempo music on the playlist, this album in particular sounded absolutely beautiful: (Suduaya - Unity)

As you can guess I'm now a pytrance fan and after researching more about the phenomenon, it appears to be the dance music of choice for a large number of indigo types with the same positive attitude as the members here.

Has anyone here been to a psytrance festival?
Did you enhance the experience with psychedelics?
Please tell me all about your experiences.

Re: Psytrance festivals and psychedelics

I lived in a car one week in Australia together with friends from Germany and Japan and we drove to different parties around Australia. At the first one I first had mushroom tea and then smoked insane amounts of ganja, at another festival I was so high I had to stay in the car and my friends blew weed smoke from their joints in to the car without me knowing it, haha insane making me even more high! At the festival where I stayed in the car it was mostly psytrance stuff but one song blew my mind it was more of old video game music like Nintendo 8-bit. Good Stuff! The police stopped us after we had bought HUGE bags of weed in Nimbin, I was in the front next to the driver almost sleeping, the driver just said that he had some wine the night before and they let us go, but one in the car had panicked over the police stopping us and swallowed all of the weed in his HUGE bag hahaha, after we stayed to eat at a place and he explained what he had done his face had all the colours of the rainbow ;)
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