Anime... anyone?

I love Japanese Anime. People that rag on it and think they're just cartoons have obviously never watched anything but Pokemon or something like that. The plots and storylines are so gritty and real... heartbreaking and sad in many cases, not like with Hollywood where everything has to have a happy ending. Plus there are just things you can do with Anime you can't do with real people and real locations/sets. They have limits. In Anime the only limit is the writers & directors imaginations.

Like I just watched this one called "Terror in Resonance". I don't want to spoil it for anyone because I want you to watch it, but the ending was gritty. If it were a Hollywood film Bruce Willis would have stormed in at that last second and stopped it from happening. I hold this Anime dear to my heart also because the poor kids in the film... where they came from. I was in a similar situation when I was a kid, in a place very much like that. I'm not allowed to go into details. I signed a non-disclosure agreement that I'm bound to for life.

5 Centimeters per Second is another one I hold very dear to my heart because I went through the exact same thing the protagonist did in that film, right down to bits of dialog that were identical, moving around a lot as a child. Being torn apart from your first love at a young age then having time & distance slowly but surely separate you for good. And like him I let the idea of her and I grow into an ideal so lofty that no other girl could measure up to, and missed out on an opportunity to accept into my life an amazing girl that was infatuated with me, all because my head was in the clouds... stars even. I barely noticed her and was oblivious to her crush at the time because I was in my own world. One day she finally told me how she felt, and I told her that I'm sorry but I only think of her as a friend. Awhile later she told me it was just too hard to be around me anymore if I couldn't return her feelings. That every kind gesture I made to her, and every smile I directed at her just made her fall deeper and deeper in love and it was like a form of torture. I thought using that term "torture" was going way overboard, and didn't really understand until later just how right and justified she was for feeling that way. And only when it was too late realized I had let another great one slip away. That girl would have taken a bullet for me.

I also really loved Kanon, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Anyhow, if anyone else watches tell me some of your favorites.

Re: Anime... anyone?

Hey, I love anime too ! I totally agree they're not silly cartoons at all ! So much better to invest time watching the good ones than watching some Hollywood films out there. Personally I hated Haruhi lol but just personal tastes. Loved Elfen Lied, The Gate (although it was pure military propaganda, the story was pretty good) Natsume Yuujinchu, GTO, Fate the first series and some others that don't come to mind right now. Thanks to anime, I got into the wonderful hobby of making anime figures from garage resin kits (copies, but come a lot cheaper than the original PVC I got to have a harem of amazing anime gurls...wife hates em muahaha)

Re: Anime... anyone?

We have quite different tastes it seems. I thought Elfen Lied was decent, though hardly great. And really didn't care for the rest on your list.

I wouldn't even know where to begin to create a list, I've seen so many and like so many. I just threw a few out I either hold dear because they struck a chord with me, or made an impression (Haruhi was one of the first Anime I ever saw, other than Akira of course, which I loved), and that's mostly a nostalgia pick... though the Endless 8 arc was a nightmare and ruined it for many. If they'd kept it to 3 episodes then it's a much better Anime.

I love Makoto Shinkai's work in general, though I didn't much care for his latest film, Your Name (Kimi no wa na). He's even done some (very) short films that were great, like "My Cat and I", only 5 min. long. Even in "Voices from a Distant Star" he did everything himself except for voice acting every character (which he's done before). After that people started wondering what he could do with an actual budget, the result was 5 Centimeters per Second, a gorgeous film whose visuals hold up even today. Then people started calling him the next Miyazaki (Todoro, Nausicaa, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, etc...) big shoes to fill, and he hated the comparison. He just wants to be himself and has a wholy unique style to his work. A very common theme in his work is "lost love at a young age", or "the one who got away". He clearly had an experience like I did and shows it in a lot of his films.

Clannad After Story was good, though the original wasn't as good after episode 9, following the "Fuko arc". But if you want After Story to make sense you should watch the first one too. The English voicing made a terrible Japanese version of an Anime, Ghost Stories, come out awesome! So funny, especially if you "get" the pop culture references. It bombed so badly in Japan they pretty much gave the English voice cast a green light to say whatever they wanted, and hilarity ensued. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was good too. Terror in Resonance. Again, just too many to list.

But in general I've never been a fan of long run Anime... shows that just go on forever, like Naruto or Bleach, or Dragonball. Fighting Anime. I'm more about storyline & plot, and am just not convinced that level of quality can be kept up any longer than 2 seasons, 3 at most. Death Note was one of the rare ones that did it for 3 seasons strong.
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