[QUOTE=rabana;792042]are they resistant to root knot nematodes?[/QUOTE]

they eat nematodes for breakfast.
It is actually a weed on steroides over here. I only planted a couple and the birds planted the rest. Some bushes are as big as a small car and they are taking over my vegetable garden. The tomatoes are very small (cherry size) but they come in clusters and there are many of them. They taste very good.

[QUOTE=makwaiskwew;792052]Will they grow in the far north where the cold winds blow?[/QUOTE]
As long as you can grow other tomatoes, these ones should do just fine.

[QUOTE=rabana;792061]so you want to send them by mail or what? i'm an IS member btw.[/QUOTE]
First I will need to telepathically verify your Indigo ID.
Mail will be just fine. Pm me your mailing address, but give me a few days to prepare some seeds.

no rush. i won't be planting tomatoes again until oct. i'll have you send them to someone in the states and i'll be lucky if i get them before oct. let me check around to see how to do this.

i'd love to be able to trade but sending stuff out is even more impossible.

leila sent me seeds from her garden in northern california and they did great.
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