Crystals and healing stones

I used to own a crystal shop in Sedona, AZ. and managed to save some of the nicest, rare or expensive pieces for myself before I sold the shop. While my personal collection is immense, I have extras and many pieces as well. I have several large crystal points (including the 18 lb smokey point in the header of the Eco Ark Facebook page, click link in my signature) and lots of rare healing stones so let me know what you are trying to find. I also have crystals charged in the various vortex areas of Sedona. If you are looking for faceted jewels, I have Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot, and Iolite (Natural stones only-NO FAKES). So PM me and let me know what you are in search of.

I only have my personal piece of moldavite. When I was in the business, a company called Heaven and Earth had exclusive rights to the only "Deposit" (or is that crash site). was quite expensive (then) too! Actually the heiress I was bodyguard for bought it for me. So I guess the money was already attracted to me, before the moldavite came. LOL!

No, I have not seen anyone trying to sell that before, except maybe as gravel. I would have to feel it for myself... but they are really trying to hype the heck out of it, and it is certainly expensive for a non gem stone. Has anyone told the emperor about it yet?

LOL; I thought that it sounded too good to be true but I always try to keep an open mind. I wouldn't buy aurauralite unless I can be sure that the claims about it are in fact true and it's not just gravel. I hate scams!:mad:

Hello. I am such a newbie with using crystals but i have a couple of questions and maybe you can help me. First and foremost I am interested in purchasing rhodizite. Secondly, which Moldovite is better? black or green? does the color matter??

what stones would you recommend to me, to help me accomplish what i desire?

1) fully enhance my psychic abilities (
[FONT=arial] [/FONT][FONT=arial]Claircognizance[/FONT][FONT=arial], [/FONT][FONT=arial]Clairsentience[/FONT][FONT=arial], [/FONT][FONT=arial]Clairvoyance[/FONT][FONT=arial],[/FONT][FONT=arial]Clairaudience ect..)
[FONT=arial]2) Be able to channel benevolent beings and spirits on the other side such as my spirit guides, angels, and other beings
3) help me with manifesting (i heard rhodizite is great for that)
4) Something to aid me in energy healing
5) Something to help me acheive lucid astral projection.

Thank you so much for your time. Also have you tried selling your stuff on ebay? That is currently where i am window shopping. I am lost have no idea how to go about choosing the right size or color of each crystal.

Alright I'm gonna respond because I'm capable of answering and I found it first. :p

Skipping rhodizite for now, Moldavite is a phenomenal stone. For me it made any energy shifts I went through become more intense as well as more's worthy of being careful with, actually. I wouldn't wear it all of the time unless I've been used to it for some months...personally I have a green piece of moldavite wire wrapped into a pendant, I wear it only on occasion. If you wear moldavite all day as a sensitive, you're going to notice by the end of the day, lol! The energy is very distinct and, frankly, powerful coming from a stone. I was lucky enough to be able to pick mine out in person, but I had to snipe it at my local store by asking for weeks before it came in - best of luck tracking your piece down! Now regarding the get the moldavite I am describing, it is GREEN! :D Black moldavite would be labeled black tektite(pretty sure, moldavite's sibling meteorite(moldavite is a type of tektite)) - speaking of which, to me it is without doubt that moldavite/tektite source from a meteorite. I say this with confidence because my piece of moldavite is shaped aerodynamically and so certainly hardened by falling through the air(it looks like a talon/tear shaped)...just clearing that up because it's origin is not set in stone(hahaha). In my opinion, get a black tektite(they're cheap) and a piece of moldavite and keep them somewhat together unless you decide to set the moldavite in a piece of jewelry. I like the energies they exchange together...they amplify each other. Black tektite's energy is similar but not "in your face" like green moldavite's energy is. Just my experiences.

Something about moldavite, though: it will become the catalyst for upheaval of the soul. Like, if you aren't living the lifestyle which is in your soul's true will deeply jar this awake and you will enter an unstoppable chain of events if you keep this around you a lot(I keep it in my room). It is a stone of transformation because it will facilitate pulling one's neglected aspects of self to the surface. For this reason, it can rapidly turn your life upside down as your inner desires(and whatever else) comes to the surface. In the long run, this is certainly a positive thing and it's done very swiftly and intensely(facing parts of yourself). Like in a list of most powerful stones on far in my experience Moldavite is #1. The energy is positive and vibrant, and intensifies the energy of other stones merely by being around them. It will aid in causing you to align with yourself, and affects energy systems stronger than any other stone I've been around by a mile. It's a super-stone, in my opinion. If you haven't ever experienced "the dark night of the soul", this can sure induce my "night" was more like a week or so, though. Don't let this deter you. The effects it brings are beneficial, keep it around positive energy.

If you are forced to buy stones online(I prefer in person if able), I highly recommend doing a bit of a meditation beforehand solely for the reason of increasing your receptiveness. Pick using empathy...picking the one that "feels right" is the way to go. You will feel an attractive pull to some stones at certain times, go with it if the feelings are strong enough. What feels right for you and what visually satisfies your mind are two different things sometimes...always pick based on energy rather than appearance if they come into contention. Just as with people, it's the inside which counts, lol. Also, the size of the stone does not necessarily correlate with the stone's energy. A small piece could have a stronger energy than a large piece, easily, but what resonates with you is the most important...harmony! Stones are sold by size, usually, at least moldavite is sold by weight because of it's rarity - so that's worth noting that size doesn't matter there. That's my guidelines for choosing stones at least! I choose stones blindfolded a lot of times, to emphasize how important empathy is to me...even choosing between like hundreds, I feel it out...UNLESS, I am looking for small inclusions inside of a stone. That's one last piece of advice for this: inclusions inside of a stone, even super tiny ones, affect the energy of a stone and so it's properties - so look up any inclusions you may find. Okay that's it! lol. Just kidding(ha), Tumbled vs Natural stones: in my opinion, always go natural unless you have to go tumbled. I get better vibes off of natural stones, but tumbled stones can have some nice vibes as well. I find tumbled to be good for specimens of a certain type of stone(like for a first of a kind, etc), but as far as continued mystical use of stones, you're going to want as many natural stones as possible...they have an air of "magic" behind them...for lack of a better term. I don't mean to deface tumbled stones, they can be used exactly the same! I just find natural stones to be easier to use, stronger, and generally better for mystical practices. Tumbled stones can sometimes have a stronger vibration than naturals, though! I've had it happen and I've chosen a tumbled over a natural version a couple of times because of it. While there shouldn't be a deadset rule, my stereotype for stones is: natural>cut>tumbled. Cut stones are quite awesome, though...I wouldn't pass them up. But if you're shopping online, go natural as often as possible because you know exactly what you're getting. Cut stones can have some interesting qualities...the geometry of some shapes can indeed empower the qualities of a stone. Use your own intuition and judgment to pick above all else! :)

Moving on,

Now back to your first and foremost: Rhodizite.

Personally, I do not own this stone, but it seems nice to have around(I have The Book of Stones by Simmons and Ahsian for source of info). The positives are increasing the will of the user, especially for manifesting(this counts as number 3, lol). I say choose this as your manifesting stone, I do not know of another for that purpose offhand. I haven't used the stone but I get strong vibes that it's placement/how it is organized has a large impact upon it's course of it would be good for geometric stone setting/laying of stones - just what I'm picking up, dunno! Anyways, this stone is known for amplifying other stones around it quite strongly, but it is cautioned to not let it amplify negative energies, and to not keep it around other amplifying stones(such as diamond) basically keep it away from unhappy places and separate it from any moldavites/tektites around or else you'll "have too much of a good thing." from amplifying to the point of being overwhelmed.

1)Enhancing psychic abilities: this is a pretty wide topic and a lot of different stones fit in this category, so I'll list my preferences and some extras.

Spirit Quartz(white, amethyst, or citrine) - Look up all three, I have an amethyst one. Simplified: pick amethyst spirit quartz for astral traveling under protection(try to find an inclusion in it, such as hematite, if for this). Pick white spirit quartz for versatility and possibility of healing with it - as well as cleansing and aligning the body. Pick citrine spirit quartz in order to better manifest(this also is a manifesting stone) and better live out your True Will(divine will, will of higher self...whatever semantics you choose). No reason not to get all three other than price, though.

-Labradorite, it's excellent for "piercing the veil" says my book. It's best suited for this, enhancing the abilities.

-Merlinite(communication with the dead, mediumship, past life recall) it's an intriguing stone, I have one but I haven't used it yet. The energy of it is very unique, even among stones of the same type(remembering picking mine out).

2)Channel benevolent beings: Danburite. I have strong vibes this is the stone of choice, at least for me, if I am to use a stone to facilitate that type of communication. I have a piece with this as it's single purpose - particularly links to angelic realms. I have no experience with them but Angelite and Celestite(also good for out of body). My guides say Labradorite for use whilst outside(like under a tree, by flowers, somewhere like that) for connection with spirits ranging from the earthly plane to higher realms. I say go for Labradorite, because I was urged to type it, as well as Danburite at least...going for more wouldn't be a bad idea as there's a range of uses for each.

3)Manifesting: Rhodizite is probably the best option for this, especially considering you're already acquainted with it. Alexandrite(chrysoberyl) is another, but it's the most expensive gemstone per carat on Earth...XD. It doesn't stop me from wanting a natural stone(super rare!).

4)Aid in energy Healing

-Pretty much every variation of Quartz: terminated, rutilated, whathaveyou. Go for terminated if you're looking for a focused tool.

Honestly, I would find a specific area/purpose for the healing and get the stones to fit the situation. For instance, I picked up a list of stones simply for healing the eyes. This may be where it gets overwhelming to research, but if you're going to be healing with stones you may as well get well-acquainted with the subtle variations, etc. It also depends on if you're doing laying of stones or like an applied energy stream(where terminated quartz would shine). Personally, I prefer to use my hands and I don't even use stones for healing unless it's something more complicated like the eyes - really depends on the practitioner.

5)Lucid astral projection: I haven't even done this yet on purpose this life, lol. Moldavite would intensify whatever process you have to get out of the way in order to be able to. Pietersite(for vision quests), Ametrine, Lepidolite, check those out...I'm sure there's more as well(for all of these, most definitely).

6)Protection stones: -You didn't write 6 but if you're going to be traveling and communicating among spirits...I highly recommend this.

-Tiger's eye for psychic protection, I like yellow(gold?), blue/green or red could probably work too.
-Black Tourmalinated Quartz-Probably the best for psychic protection because it has the protective qualities of black tourmaline naturally amplified inside the quartz.
-Natural Black Obsidian- I haven't been able to get a piece of this volcanoes close by I guess. In my opinion, only worth getting when it's natural unless you find a special cut piece.

7)Grounding stones: Also didn't put this but it ought to be with the rest.
-Boji stones, a "male" and "female" stone(2 stones). Considered the "best" grounding stone by many. Each has a slight magnetic pull to the other, one is smoother than the them as a pair which resonate together. Excellent for grounding, I use one in each hand for this.
-Nuumite, personally I was really drawn to this's about as effective as the boji stones but not quite as accommodating of your energy(boji stones can ground a wide spectrum of energy easily, nuumite I have to focus more.).

Actually, I use both as grounding stones(lol technically 3 stones)...they work together well. *Note: keep your grounding stones away from all of your other stones.

-Just grounding in general if you're ever in an emergency and need to ground: use a water faucet with running water that is connected to the pipes. This little bit friggin SAVED me once whenever I had a ridiculous energy shift over at my friends house and I had to ground or get sick. Otherwise get barefoot and get in the grass/mud asap. Grounding is to balance the electrical currents running through your body, walk barefoot daily and you don't much have to worry about this. If you do a lot of energy work, it's good to ground afterwards, especially. Also, the higher altitude one is, the greater chance one has of electron deficiency(a "new" way we can get sick, lol)...just a side note...tisn't something one thinks about often. All the more reason to walk barefoot in nature.

Bonus: Pick up a turquoise, in my opinion, just great stone to have. Probably my favorite all purpose protection stone. My birthstone/luckstone, though. Rose Quartz, a citrine, bloodstone, amethyst, moonstone are all really beneficial to have as well.

Color of the stone means a lot,'s a visual depiction of the composition of the stone. For instance, Amethyst and Citrine are both actually a type of quartz...different compounds affect the quartz during formation and so it's qualities differ quite a lot post-formation. So a different color of stone can denote a different name as well as meaning, as with those. As far as like a "blue means this, red means this" that's got color magic written all over it. Not my forte, but I have a short book about how colors have different purposes/are received differently. If there's really any trend I've noticed in stones thus far, it's that green ones denote some sort of concentrative and/or healing benefits, typically(emerald, green aventurine, green tourmaline). Stones hold a particular static vibrancy(typically, some can also be programmed via intentions...quartz), whilst we can shift between vibrancy (liquid crystals are we)...the key is to find a balance and a synergy between the stones you use and how to integrate them into daily life/spiritual pursuits and your own energy. A lot of the reasons behind my having stones is simply for their alteration of the atmosphere in my surroundings. Anything that can be done with a stone can be done without one...they can be excellent tools for self reflection, though there are many many uses.

Anyways, stones are to be used as a tool...I recommend not becoming dependent on them! I think the most important stones, simply because of the impact they have upon one's life, are Moldavite, black tektite, black tourmilinated quartz. I recommend calming stones to go with this like rose quartz and green stones. And don't even think about having a moldavite or a tektite without having some form of grounding available. Moldavite is probably the #1 stone for needing to ground afterwards, too. It's too intense for some people to hold on to long, it really can't be overstated in it's potential.

Peace, good luck with this.

P.S.: Lol didn't mean to hijack response, it's just a resurrected thread and so someone must fill in the blanks.
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