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Shungite- The MIRACLE STONE that Feeds the Light Body

Check out to read on the amazing and very ancient history of this stone which is near extinct and only ever found in one place in the world in Russia. It had very paranormal and intense healing properties, it had already been validated to inhibit and negate all for s of emf and emr when first discovered by scientist, it also had the strange ability to pull in negative ions and photonic light directly into the cells, and than the discovery that when placed in water in complete
y cleared it of ALL other elements, bacteria, chlorine, metals, fluoride, EVERYTHING! They Ben record it being placed in mud water and it completely clears it and the dude drinks it.
i am offering raw shungite stones a few per person if anyone is interested. :) $3 for a variety of different shaped raw unpolished medium sized stones and a promise that you will take care of them and get back to,us on your experiences with them!

ForWeAreLegion wrote:I'm interested in a few
Absolutely. Just one thing guys, if your going to use PayPal please always mark it as a "GIFT" as I'm only asking for $3 and after PayPal takes there fee ill only be left with maybe a dollar something, and these stones are indeed very rare and expensive, plus I still have to ship.
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