Full Natal Chart Readings

Hey guys! I am here again to inform you all that I am now doing Full Birth Chart readings as I have perfected my method now and am proud to say I could be somewhat of a professional ;)
However, they are paid, since it takes a considerable amount of time to do each one.

This below is how I've advertised it on my astrology blog <--

[img]https://31.media.tumblr.com/765bb2f80c0b ... o1_500.png[/img]

If you are interested:
  • The cost is $20 AUD. I've decided on that price as there are at least 20 pages in each reading, it takes hours out of my day and I add miscellaneous things as in the image above, plus add personal notes/intuition which most people do not include in full readings.
  • The method of payment is through Paypal and my Paypal account email is [email protected]
  • Once you've sent the $20 to me through Paypal (making sure your conversion is correct if you are not using Australian Currency), email me, [email protected], your FULL BIRTH DETAILS as below:
  • DAY of MONTH of YEAR. CITY and COUNTRY of birth. HH:MM am/pm of birth.
  • Once your money has come through to my Paypal, I will complete your reading using your birth details and send your reading back through email.
If you would like to see a sample chart of what you would be receiving, please email me (same email) and I will send it for free.

Please email me if you have questions xx
I most likely wont reply on this thread as I do not come on IS often

Natasha xxx

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