lol im not worried about game addiction now ... im questioning why there are child ads from Nickelodeon popping up on my screen ??? Im not doing it ....

Now I know why I couldnt finish school online and were my personal bank passwords and emails went ...

What about the game of LIFE??

People are addicted to the toils of everyday life, working towards that new house or car, similar to how you would work for an upgrade in a video game.

But the real question, is why do people insist on playing these virtual games rather than the game of life?

I never understood what was so addicting about online RPGs? I remember trying WOW a few years ago, and I lost interest in it after 20 minutes. Back before World of Warcraft, PC gamers back then in the late 90s were talking about Everquest or whatever that game was as addictive. I was more addicted to console gaming growing up though, but then again, I had nothing else to do on my free time.
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