Haha skyrim is awesome!!! I play on master difficulty (total gamer). I never really get past level 3X cause I like making new characters all of the time when I do play it. I think archer is the most fun on that game. But destruction is a close second...given I haven't finished my magic character and gotten all of the cool spells yet.

[FONT=arial]Oh, I can't master anything hahaha. I just am too lazy to create too much characters, but want to be everything. Thats why i looove skyrim, i can be all in just one person! But it's going to take a long time until i master something. Besides, do anyone already played Dawnguard? I'm waiting to it arrive to ps3 (if arrive).[/FONT]

Lol, two-handers are strong!!! I enjoy flailing around with two one-handers on a sneaky khajiit, hahaha.

That whole game is just unfair, lol...

I mean you're dragonborn! :cool:

Just gotta walk up and demolish everything, ha!!!

Of course that's the point, though. :p

everythread needs a nay sayer... which is me now lol... i think oblivion is better even more so the realm of sheagorath... the visuals.. the way they depict nature there is so much more uplifting then cold ass skyrim with its way too many mountains and every town covered in snow... to me its just depressing... oblivion is beautiful..... every time i try o play skyrim or any of the fall outs i get depressed and put n onblivion and then its all good/pretty

lol i m the complete opposite, one of my Favorite things is mountains, there is nothing better then standing on a mountain in skyrim and taking in the insane visuals. The mountains are soooo well done, and some of the music just goes with it so well.

sheogarath is good but its also the isle of madness, nuff said

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