Any retro gamers here?

Anyone appreciates gaming of the 80s, 90s, and early 00s like myself even though I am more of a 90s person game when it comes to gaming? Long story short, I just can't get into newer games overall with some rare minor exceptions that happened a few years back, and I just don't like the overall direction of the modern gaming industry in general with them appealing to a more casual/wider audience, the same audience that once thought video games was for kids and nerds, and how games are more like movies now along with the overabundance of shooters. That is all.

This post is not meant to insult anyone or there preferences. If you like newer games, that is fine, and I can care less, this is just me.

Re: Any retro gamers here?

I'm definitely more of a retro gamer. I find the video games I played growing during late 90s early 00s much better then most of the games today mainly because most of the games today seem to be war games, which I dont care for that much. That isn't to say that all games these days are that bad. I'm mostly into old nintendo RPGs especially pokemon. If anyone has discord feel free to add me. I'm galaxydreamer90#4963. By the way anyone into kingdom hearts here and looking forward to kingdom hearts 3.

Re: Any retro gamers here?

Blaster Master and Ecco the Dolphin are my jam. There are still plenty of games coming out today that have some of the same magic as retro titles, for sure stay away from EA and the like though.
The Resident Evil 2 Remake and the new Ace Combat game feel great to me as examples of games done right today.

I like making VR games inspired by some of the classic titles. I did actually make a game inspired by Resident Evil and another by Ace Combat, heh.

Re: Any retro gamers here?

That's so cool that you know how to make vr games. I sadly don't know much about making video games. I have however thought about making a RPG game with RPG maker. My real dream though is to make my own manga. Maybe I could do both. Also I agree there are a lot of games being made now that are based on retro games, so not all games these days are bad.
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