Site is broken, please fix

You might want to restore/backup to a saved copy of the old theme, this new theme is probably the cause of all the glitches.
It keeps redirecting me away to different pages, is incredibly slow to load, the text box where you write comments has a mind of its own, error messages pop up every 2 seconds no matter what you are doing and it's nearly impossible to try and post something.
I think I accidentally posted duplicates because of billions of error messages.
Ugh, ever since you've installed this new theme it's been glitching or your site has been down every time I've tried to come back.
Bring back the old theme, it was a lot more user friendly and there were no glitches!

I really like all of you and this site but this really really sucks ass. Like almost to the point of why bother coming here any more. WTH is the real problem anyways?
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