PLEASE HELP? I don't know what to do.

i've got a bit of a problem... also hi, i hope you guys are doing well.

my screen name on here has become a bit of a sensitive subject. it was pretty foolish to use it as a screen name on a website where i felt comfortable sharing information about myself.. but at the time i didn't think it would become so important to me.

i use it as my name now. its pretty unique and if you google it you find all my accounts, including conversations here.

i'm getting more traffic as my art gets around the internet and freelancing picks up... i have fans now who google me lol... which is weird but i also have had a lot of anxiety of sensitive information getting around.

i felt comfortable with the people i was sharing it with, but now i'm sort of panicking at how available these "special" moments in the past are. like this record that's too accessible.

i've messaged DF a couple times over the past couple months or whatever with no response.
i tried looking it up and it seems like i can't have my username changed?
is the only solution deleting my account?

i have been stressing out about this a lot. the things i've said here are very important to me but i didnt have the foresight to protect these things and thoughts and experiences.

eventually i will probably change my name legally to oreides, since it feels more like my name than my birth name. ive transitioned as a trans man btw, so name change/legal documentation is definitely in my future.

i have a lot of anxiety over this and i need help.


I hope this gets sorted out for you somehow. There must be something that can be done? I understand about writing personal things in the past on here, that you don't want just anyone to know's nice to have a place where we feel comfy enough to share some things that we don't usually in public or people we don't trust enough to know about certain things about us...

And yeah, sometimes people don't know or are not thinking about the possibility of becoming more well known, or a public figure, in the future, when they post on here...

oreides wrote:thanks. i really dont want to go through every post ive ever made on here, one by one.... "Posts: 5,391" good god i have a headache already!
I'm sure that you have less reason to feel self conscious about the crap you've posted in the past than me. It's just an ego thing. Forget about your image and free your mind. It's better that way because it makes you feel realy good and enthusiastic. When I begin to worry it's like falling off a cliff and I know that I'd better stop worrying before I hit bottom and panick. I'm not quite there yet. I'm like someone who just woke up and is still very tired.

ummm well its more like stuff i posted on here is private/for the forum only and i never expected my screen name to become a word so unique and important to my identity.
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