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It's been awhile since I last used an internet forum but seeing as there has been shadow banning's on social media with twitter, facebook and youtube over the last two years quite heavily and extensively being spiritual and metaphysical is getting harder and harder to do. I still blog here and there I do have social media but all good things they do eventually grind to halt even if extensive legal protections are in place to guarantee free speech just seems to do nothing. But hopefully here I can share some of deeper spiritual and metaphysical thoughts without being hunted down online by adversaries who have nearly recruited me into gangs or terror groups who want to use my beliefs for the benefit of there own criminal agenda. I leave links to my blog if you want to inspect my research and intellectual findings that I discovered independently on my own over the years.

I look forward to having intelligent discussions with all of you in near future and should mention that I do have a busy schedule so I'll be on and off throughout the day.
The First Part Of What A Person Says Is Irrelevant and The Second Part Of What A Person Says Is Relevant ~ Double Speak Theory
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