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Hi, my name is Laura, I recently found out, reading my Akashic Records, that I am Indigo, even if I've always knew there was something different that I could perceive inside me, since childhood; been always intuitive, feeling things that do not belong to the "real" 3 dimension, out of place and targeted often as a crazy girl, now I am trying to widen the infinite possibilities and knowledge that are peculiar to this particular Soul Group. How? Trying with Reiki, Akashic Records and meditation (2 days I'm trying Kundalini meditation also), but still I feel disempowered and not nearly close to my truth and way. Any suggestion ? thank you very much

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i see your sash is crimson. brightly
as the flow opens
the gail of the universe blows round me
even if i've always knew.
the stone
was on a beach of stones
and you turned one over
to see what was underneath.
it is not the stone
or the beach
or the sea
or the sky
it is you
turning over
to see
what is underneath.
and there is the other side.
then better
looking inside and outside
walks a tightrope
hold that piezzo between your thumb and forefinger
as you are of the universe, the universe is of you.

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laura79 wrote:
Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:59 am
Hi, my name is Laura, I recently found out, reading my Akashic Records, that I am Indigo, even if I've always knew there was something different that I could perceive inside me, since childhood; been always intuitive, feeling things that do not belong to the "real" 3 dimension, out of place and targeted often as a crazy girl, now I am trying to widen the infinite possibilities and knowledge that are peculiar to this particular Soul Group. How? Trying with Reiki, Akashic Records and meditation (2 days I'm trying Kundalini meditation also), but still I feel disempowered and not nearly close to my truth and way. Any suggestion ? thank you very much
Hello and welcome here. Thank you for sharing.
May I ask you why you feel disempowered and not close to your truth and way? Is there anything you want to do and feel you cant do? Do you have access to your Akashic records?

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Hello Red Violet, thank you for your welcome and answer :)
I feel disempowered because I don't have enough knowledge to understand and "control" what I receive and feel. By control I mean that I'm not master of my own gifts, so I can't follow up on anything because everything is random. Yes I do have access on my own Akashic records and I'm slowly reading them for others (I've attended a four months course to learn how to read them); I've found my blocks and restrictions from the past and cleared them, but still no clarity. I've just noticed that I'm more sensitive and emphatic than usual, randomly, obviously :D
The thing is that I would like to know if there are techniques that I didn't try or not known which can help me in this matter... I know, anyway, that I do have to insist with meditation, and I know that when I'll have the clarity I need, I will succeed also with my divine manifestation in this physical plane (I've been 15 years payroll manager, left everything behind and moved to Ireland where I graduated and worked as restaurant manager, left again and now working in Hr for a company, but bored again).
thank you sooooo much for listening to me :)

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I am tempted to repeat my words of before. In Ireland you surely can do a lot worse than be there.
Please try and see as far as you can into my words.
Imagine you were born 5000 years ago. nature is your school. feeling is your teacher. spirit is your guide.
the overlay of modern society is not you. reach back into yourself.
far, far back...
before you lies a mountain you know you must climb, and there is a path.
sometimes the way will be easy, or hard, or happy, or sad, or rough or soft. Such is the individual journey of each soul.
some stop and say no, i will stay here. this is the truth. i will not go on.
first know yourself, then know others, then know yourself in sight of others.
then let go and walk your path.
give up on want and need. let it all go.
your destiny calls you, and you are asked to begin your spiritual birth.
this is not in any book. this in the wind through the trees, the sea on the shore, the steam in the forest.
the rain on your face, the stars in the night sky. the sunny day. the storm on your shoulder.
one stone in your hand.
reach out with your feelings. this is how to really see, and know.


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Hi laura79

Nice to meet you :-)

Let me also join to commenting your post.
I believe that what you need is time. Especially when just recently you've found out specific information on you, in the beginning it can seem overwhelming and there's this exciting hunger for knowledge. You'll receive all the needed info, guidance and help in the right time as long as you pursue what resonates with you. My advise to you would be: do things which resonate with you, the power is within.

The areas you're working on now is a good way to start, it can only help you to progress.

For example, here's an article on 8 Clair Senses. Maybe you find an information which you'll find to be suitable and which will lead you to the next information: https://wisdomwithin.co/free-visual-gui ... ir-senses/

Talk to your spirit guides. Ask a question, you can do that while meditating, and wait for a sign as an answer.
You can also set an intention for communicating with them before going to sleep since dreams also serve as a means of communication with spiritual realm and they do send us messages while we sleep. Ask something like (it's just an example, you know better what specifically interests you): "What do you want me to do as a next step in order to carry out my life purpose or to obtain the knowledge I seek?"

Read, explore, communicate with people (just like you did now)... Meditation is definitely a good way to calm yourself and with time you'll be able to control your abilities better, first you have to get to know them. You're a bright and persistent person, someone who will get what they want. You're on the right track.

I have a question for you: (since you've attended Akashic Records course) Do you always have access to it (to your own Library) or does it happen sometimes that you don't get the information you needed?

Kind regards and have a nice day!

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Hi all, sorry I did not answer for days, but I had an interesting week. So, last friday I discovered my partner was cheating on me from months and I went crazy because I was sure he was the love of my life. Yesterday, after him praying to come back together and me shouting at him, happened something extraordinary to me, that I described in this story. :) :) :)

The amazing story of an extraordinary evening: the Ego who began to understand the Soul.

It’s been almost a week now that I’m depleted, angry, sad, betrayed, hurt. I just met him, I shouted so loud that I can’t even remember what he said while I was going crazy; He lied, denied and tried to fix something is impossible to recover for me: trust.
So, I come back home and call my parents, to tell them the news and show them all my anger. Well, the result is my parents telling me that I’m not this, I’m not anger, I’m not hate but everything that is completely opposite.
I walk around my little kitchen and I start to think ..
Yes, I’m here, still, waiting for you and trying to talk to you from long time now.
I hear something but I don’t know if it’s convenient now to think about it. Anyway, I see that my body is falling apart from the pain I’m feeling, so better I start to fix this, at least.
Also, what if there’s another possibility to relieve this terrible state of mind/body? Wait, there might be a solution: if I’ll be able to transform these bad feelings into something more productive, I could be better almost immediately.
I have an idea, maybe.
I send him a txt, asking him to come over here that I need to talk to him. He can’t, for silly reasons, and surprisingly I’m not angry, so we agree to talk in two days, when he’ll come over to collect his things.
That’s a deal, contract, whatever you want to call it, and I’m pretty sure he will understand what I’ll say; if not, well, it’s not anymore my problem. Basically I want to tell him that, if he promises me to start a straight life, we’ll be even, because the energetic statement of the outcome will heal the pain I’m feeling. Actually, I feel I’m healing already.
Yes, wait, and so, that’s it, is it?
It seems crazy but yes, because I think I’m hearing the part of myself that I was hiding.
Yes! There’s more here! Wooooohooooooo welcome home!
I sit on my couch, I put a movie I love, and my thoughts continue to be different from before.
And what if there’s a bigger picture on it?

You hear me now, you wanted to, from long time, as I said before. I’m love, happiness, trust, instinct and your inner voice that you wanted to feel so badly since 20 years; this is the reason of your endless research and meditation; this is truth, abruptly felt because last week you started a new technique, and you donkey, undervalued the power of it without a master; this is change, flow of energy and balance. This is you looking, finally, at me, and recognising that we are separate but we can cope together. I’m here before you, I know what you need and I know what WE can be together, if you keep me close. You’re hurt yes, your body feel it and is quite confused, but you can’t anymore stay without me, and you’re already healing. You were afraid and arrogant and yet, you discovered something in your life that could have been still hidden from your sight, and this is because you’ve listened to me!
I need you too, you are the part that allows both to live, you’re strong and proud, but not too much ok? The thing is that now it’s not important anymore the outcome of your “contract”, but your intentions. You knew, intentions and choices had to be balanced between the two of us; I gave you what you needed but you, because of your proud, didn’t want to listen to me when I thought that you must had to. It was/is painful but you don’t anymore need the pills on your table. You don’t feel afraid all of a sudden, don’t you? Hahaha, I know it!
Oh Jaysus…
Oh God…
(I don’t believe in both, but 40 years of listening to this thing, you know..)
So that’s what it was. I was sure I had to shut myself up to understand this, to discover I can still live, with you! You know, I still feel worried for a couple of things and I need to fix my body, but I can do it now.
I feel the joy again, and is like I’m in rehab. I was only rationalising the past days and it did help just to survive. I wasn’t aware, yet, that there was space for both of us; I was practicing and studying about you and me for years, as you well know, but I did it just speaking for myself…well, until you showed up out of the blue, saying you were with me too. I realised that together we shape reality with thoughts; that I am, most of the times, the evil earthy entity and you are the elevated one. This is polarity, this is balance, this is the power that everyone has. I am necessary as you are, and this awareness is the greater gift I could ever imagined to receive. Hopefully next time everything will be a little less dramatic!
You activated this, consciously , I just helped it.
Alright then, I’m tired now, I really need to sleep, thank you.
Thank you.

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i see a response to a release from emotional reponsibility. freedom is wonderful.
no rules.
no expectations.
no recriminations.

Thats being adult.

and you are you after all.

i know one man who deliberately took in an injured bird, who was in poor health; and nursed it back to good health, and good spirits. it took a long time, and the man enjoyed the companionship, even though the bird pecked his fingers and make a mess everywhere. but, a bird is a bird no matter how injured it may have been, or how well it may have grown to be. The man knew that even though he really liked its song and its being there with him, the bird would one day fly away; and eventually after a long time, one morning, it did.
He was equally sad and happy. sad for the loss of a friend; and happy that the bird had found a higher calling, and the courage to go out and follow that in the way that birds will.
What did he learn from this part of his life? Well, he told me that every freedom has its point of view, and to live for this one day today, is really the most that anyone can expect.

As John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans".

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Thank you. I’ve been able to make sense in all of this, at the most profound level other than the human one. I deliberately activated the kundalini but I wasn’t expecting a huge result like it; even if I read it could have been possible without a master. Well, that’s what I needed indeed, looks like .. thanks

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Hello and sorry for my late reply.

I appreciate the views and advices shared in here and find them very valid. I also want to give you my own perception on this.

I perceive that we are going through transition times. It seems that you have been preparing yourself for your path. Or for your purpose we could say. However, you still find yourself bored in jobs which maybe do not fulfill you and maybe not knowing what to do next, what direction to take in your life.

I agree that it may take time to realize which is our path or purpose; or you may know already deep inside. I also suggest you listen to your feelings and intuition as they will let you know where you must go in your life. I get the feeling that you do not feel like going in the right direction with the jobs that bore you but I can be wrong of course. You know better :)

Part of the transition process means facing truth and letting go of what no longer serves us. People and circumstances may be hurtful but in the end it is for our evolution. Take the lesson from these experiences and it will be better the next time. This may be a path to balance in the end.

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Hello Red Violet ,
Yes this is precisely what I’m feeling. I just received a “kick on my ass” that I can’t ignore. I don’t know exactly what I’ll do yet, I just know that by the end of December I’ll move to England where I have connections and I’ll start again. I have the qualifications to do one of these jobs I was talking about before, so I’ll start from there knowing that my path will be clear soon. I need just a master that can help me now to balance the energies I discovered , cause my body is still very sore. I talked to him yesterday and was painful , but I asked him to promise that from this pain he must get something good now , and he knows what I’m talking about. Let’s see for me 😊

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I think things should turn out well.
I feel this transition. I feel a beautiful and loving energy which is inviting to explore a new way of living. An energy of unconditional love.
At the same time I feel and see the shadows of the past getting in the way in an attempt to bring me and others down.
I have felt and seen vividly with my own eyes this energy "war" for a few years now. However, right now it seems more intense to me.
My Soul is burning now even if I feel tired... Tired but blessed to have my burning Spirit strong inside of me.

My last couple of months have been particularly agitated and challenging. I do not see it as a negative thing. Just as part of the road to a higher state of being. There are the ups and the downs of course. There is the pain and shame but also the exitement and knowing of what is coming.
After these struggles, I do feel somehow a raise in consciousness... Evolution. Then more issues come and more awareness comes after the experience and the release. One day there will be balance and the joy, love and compassion will be able to be shared with other living beings.

Life experiences usually or always bring messages and wisdom as well as opportunities. The challenge is to make the right decisions and to let go of the fear and go for them :)

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No man shall stop to pass the light of a pure soul shining bright
for this is the everlasting light
and all know it
when they see it shining
and know its meaning
and shall desist from their low ways
and allow its passage for any purpose.
but there are those who recognise the light from afar
who hear of its journey
and fear to meet it
and leave to make walls and traps ahead
and block its way
and slow its path
and this is the extent of evil
the need for darkness and the
lack of light
and jealous of its power and truth
they set their ambushes
and snares along the road.
but when the men come to catch their prey
they are greeted by the light.
they forget their bad plans
and open just the same
and the light shall pass through all places
and all men
and all barriers
for the light is of us all
and all are one
and though there are those who would hide the truth
and preach improper wisdom
their ends fall
for they are born from truth
and know it too.
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