I’m awake

I had an awakening experience that occurred on
1-19-2019. It was something that was brought on by a what I feel might be different activation moments in my life. The break through moment was when I read a book called the Kybalion. I’ve never practiced occultism, but I feel compelled to now. I’ve experienced kundalini without previous knowledge of this meditation practice. I feel alone in my experience besides two guides that will divinate through me. One a coyote, the other a snake. I see energy all around me and colors (sparkly energy orbs). There’s a green energy that’s always watching from atop of building’s. I’m unsure of how to proceed with this. Any guidance or advice is appreciated ❤️

Any of you wake up singing Ho’oponopono or see a starship?
Thanks for reading :) much peace and love to you
White wanderer 🦋🏔🐛
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