Feel like I belong here...

Hey everyone! Always felt completely different and out of place, or just visiting since I can remember. Not sure what it all means exactly but it's been like this in my mind since I was a child in the '80's. I have so many questions! I'm glad I'm not alone😉 Please reply and tell me if this relates, any thoughts or comments are appreciated!

Re: Feel like I belong here...

I remember in kindergarten, I had an episode where I broke down and kept repeating " I want to go home" , but I didn't mean my house. Over the years whenever I've gone through anything that came close to mentally breaking me I've said the same thing. Just an overwhelming feeling of wanting to return to where I came from but not knowing where that is. I had trouble as a youth because I couldn't be mean like other children, and if they acted that way towards me it shook me, it took days, weeks or even months for me to recover. But I have had different people, random and out of nowhere give me messages, that I'm growing and I'm on the right path. I just wish I could make more sense of it all.

Re: Feel like I belong here...

You know, I had a recurring dream when I was little. It was me, but I looked completely different. I was dressed in a white linen dress, barefoot and running through the forest and swimming in a creek. As an adult I now look like this young woman I was in that dream. I remember the confidence I had as that girl. Something I thought I'd never have in this life. It's like I've reverted back to becoming this person I once was. It'd be pretty cool if we had known each other on that world! Have you done any meditating on your past lives or balancing your chakras?
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