Hello, finding a place to belong.

Hello there. Kwitshadie means bunny or rabbit in Chinook and is my totem animal.
Are there any Crystal Children with Autism?
A couple of Psychics have even said that I am one of them and even described my pug Emma to a T. Not to mention the I identify with so many Crystal children traits it’s scary.
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Re: Hello, finding a place to belong.

I do not know but I relate autism with deep levels of awareness.

Sometimes, during some states of consciousness, one is able to receive a great flow of information in the form of insight and awareness.
Sometimes, during these moments, the flow of information is so much that one cannot talk or speak about it as it feels heavy and un-accurate.
Sometimes words cannot express some information from the Soul and all one can do is to remain silent and to perceive.

This is what I believe is happening with too many autistic people / children.
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