"We" are not anything more than "Subatomic Particles".

Consensus: This is a discussion that I will be making to prove everything I have spent my life analyzing and piecing together since I was 10, for what lies above our human experiences - that human experience is nothing without subatomic particles; and that all that we "are", is sound based on vibrations in various forms; colors based on those sound waves from red ~ purple, in a range I will explain later into this discussion; matter and atoms that cause us to animate via its projections (e.g amoeba, water, bacteria, fungi, plant into oxygen; fish, animal and Man); information that is stored throughout this matter, which projects itself in a myriad of forms that are based on one system called self-similarity - this is to say that life is only complex when you are fooled by all the masks it can wear; take off just one mask, and everything will be revealed.

Rules: There is no such thing as BOP, Source, Resolution, Tautology or Answer in a debate that involves a more philosophical approach, rather than a political approach, (by using these terms, or their synonymous forms, you have thus forfeited this discussion), as this debate still can go ways in, but will not do well in answering itself. It deals with something that is on a grand level, which can only be figured out so much before you start realizing that you have to look for more pieces before you continue on locating the correlations between the universal paradigms (e.g bees behaving like electrons), therefore it would be best to discuss this on a powerful level of analysis, instead of a petty level of answer-ability.

Argument 1: When a crowd of people are invoked with fear, causing them to break apart from the crowd to seek safety, they break away exactly like gas molecules. Evidence that humans are based on subatomic particles found on a micro level, which animate the macro level.

Argument 2: Happiness is not special or sacred to the human experience; it can be obtained by simply biting into a piece of chocolate. The reason why it feels special and sacred, is because we, as human beings, are not only consuming these chemicals; we are experiencing ourselves through these chemicals. To say that, the human experience is not "of" life - it's "in" life. To say that, the human experience is nothing on the macro level, without the activity of the micro level, as the top of a skyscraper is nothing without the bottom thereof.

Argument 3: The neurons in our brain store energy within the same design as matter that's observed throughout the Universe. Simply research "neurons and space matter".

Argument 4: Our emotions react similarly to how a volcano, a sea or a storm reacts. The calmness and the chaos interchange according to the circumstances. This is to say that human emotion is based on Newton's Laws of Physics. It's also based on relativity, focus and allocation. This is to say, the human eye is a baffling similarity to that of a camera - this is to allude to the idea that man is able to create inventions based entirely on experiencing the grand design alone and recreating it through this conscious threshold which does not acknowledge itself recreating the Universe's functions, (e.g computers, vehicles, machines).

Argument 5: The Universe portrays a subtle evolutionary pattern which can be observed by analyzing how life got from Point A, to Point X. First there was matter; this matter then became bacteria; the bacteria then became form, like water; then this water created fungi; then fungi created plant; then plant created oxygen for fish, animal and Man. There is also the scientific fact that there are four stages to the human heart's chamber development: 1, resemblance of a fish heart 2, resemblance of a frog heart 3, resemblance of a turtle heart 4, the human heart. This is evidence that our human heart is based on the evolution of sea creatures.

Argument 6: Further evidence that our emotions are based entirely on proton, electron and neutron behavior, is that electrons can be "irritated" - when they do, they behave like humans do when they become "irritated".

Argument 7: The human consciousness has always been one of the greatest mysteries in life to those that take life literally, even though ideas, experiences and the imagination are anything but literal. However, it's not complex any longer when you understand the Universe's ways in how it created self-similarity by design. Consciousness flows, reflects and can be distorted and cleared like water. I can prove that this is plausible, by demonstrating how our dreams; which create other realities, experiences and profound ideas; which came to geniuses like Tesla and Einstein; are consisted of chemicals that contain 99% water, called serotonin; which is converted into melatonin. I also can further prove this, by demonstrating that every drop of water on this planet is older than the planet itself - this is to say that life came from water, thrives off of water and cannot be anything without water. One more thing to consider: water is the most flexible element in the entire Universe. You can see what happens to the planets when they do not have enough water, as the planets are in order from solid/hot to gas/cold, thus there's many ways to understand how the Universe behaves by simply using the planets as guidelines.

Argument 8: Speaking of planets, the planets are in a pattern that will blow your mind - alone, they look like they are just floating in space, orbiting the sun silently; however when observed by someone with a keen eye, they can see that the planets are based on a ripple effect, as the planets near the sun are closest to each other, while the planets farthest from the sun tend to have great distances between each planet. Like this: O-O--O---O------O------------------O---------------------------------------O------------------------and so on.

Argument 9: The colors emitted by the Universe are more than colors, they are the personality of the Universe. Humans would not have personality, if the Universe did not have personality itself. The ranges of these colors can be scientifically cross-referenced to different waves of sound, from radio waves to gamma waves which are based on five wave patterns in order from active to sub-active: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. The colors, of which these colors are emitted as, are actually based on characteristics or stages of the Universe like this: red (survival), orange (taking a stand), yellow (balance), green (love), light blue (communication), dark blue (intuition) and purple (the bond between man and the Universe). One end of the human spectrum is anger - the other end is ascension.

Argument 10: The colors I spoke of earlier are produced within the core of both, the human body and the planet body. The human eye cannot see them, so you have to use infrared vision in order to do so. Have you noticed how colors do not paint the whole Universe? It's because colors are formed individually per each object of the Universe - the apple is not red because it contains red hues; it's red because it contains every other hue, except red, so the apple absorbs the red hue.

Argument 11: The photo receptors in our eyes were formed before stars, billions of years ago, to capture our experiences today.

Argument 12: The male genitalia behaves much like how a volcano behaves - the female genitalia behaves much like how the soil behaves. The human body and the planet body spreads its seeds in a way that's magnificently similar.

Argument 13: The human's genitalia and their facial organs are interconnected, hence why the nose and the eyes are able to do what they do because of erectile tissue, which is what allows our sensual organs to do what they do. When you cry, when you think about it at least, it does feel like an orgasm. The nipples do not contain erectile tissue, however.

Argument 14: The entire human body's design has many things to consider: 1) It contains the shape of a turtle when on all fours; the shape of a clam when bending down while standing up, closing the space between the stomach and the legs. 2) The eyes and nails are based on properties that originated from the sea, which can be observed by analyzing the pearl of a clam - the pearl turns yellow, when it is falls to a disease - so do the eyes and nails. 3) The lungs have a root-like design. 4) The finger nails and the base of the finger are shaped like young mushrooms - you have to simply find the right mushroom family to see the similarity, as not all mushrooms will fit this analysis. 5) The man's genitalia has the shape of a heart on the back-end of its base, and shares the design of the brain and the brain's stem. 6) The woman's genitalia has the shape of a galaxy which is creating new life; however you have to have a very keen eye to figure this one out, as the design is within the spiral form, not the entire spiral form. It would just be easier to simply go back to the volcano and soil analogy instead. If you really want to test your brain capacity, then I'll give you a tandem to work with: the human genitalia on a cosmic level, is the star which explodes - the female genitalia on a cosmic level, is the black hole which creates.

Argument 15: The clouds in the sky are very similar to how ideas form inside our head. Ideas and clouds are both electrically modified. Both can become cloudy, rainy and stormy. Sometimes there are many ideas in our head - very few - or none, just like clouds in the sky. Ideas, like clouds, are full of so many possibilities, that they are based entirely on perception.

Argument 16: The human mind contains a consciousness (projected) and a subconscious (projector). The surface of the sea is like the consciousness; below the surface is like the subconscious; light, normal and easy to relate to for the consciousness; dark, heavy, too creepy to relate to for most with the subconscious.

Argument 17: The jellyfish can conduct electricity through its tools, just like a human can conduct electricity by shuffling their feet. This is evidence that not only are there more sea creatures influencing human design; the jelly fish is representing the shape of having legs and hands, with a dome as a head.

Argument 18: Life is always changing, with no name or identity. So is Man, as much as they like to convince themselves otherwise to compensate for their fear towards the truth behind all existence. As much as it's always changing, there are cycles within these changes that do not change, the same goes for human experiences.

Argument 19: The human eye contains the center of a black hole and emits lights that are not visible to the human eye, which blind people that incorporate sonar vision use to capture objects around them without sight, because we still can see without our eyes - it's just without a picture.


A bold and manly post, indeed.
Thanks it was interesting, apart from the bits about manstuff.

This all looks very well.

Point 18 is the best one, for my opinion. l look forwards to sharing much more along your way, if you wish.

Point 19, l find a bit...over the edge, really. Sorry.

l suggest (humbly) that you connect with member, Psychic Child, whom l found consistently very helpful, and still, only just recently, if he feels able to be of assistance, is of course, his personal choice- l cannot speak for him.

He will most probably find your post, anyway. : )

Best Wishes.


yes connect with psycho child the biggest fraud and nutjob this forum houses . If he;s not plugging his website or vids he is saying he can move hurricanes and save this planet and that he has saved this p[lanet from destruction on several occasions due to his power and yadda yadda BS fullacrap yadda yadda yadda

Good post ! I really like your ideas.. I tend to see things beyond relativity and the planck scale (we are only scratching the surface in science friend, and always will be) but this is some good viewpoints IMO. Also planets are not on a 2d plane in the way we are often taught...everything is perhaps moving in fractal patterns but kept within the (in the case of our solar system) "consistent" pattern at what appears to be a macro level (but is micro, to another macro- hence the fractal). The ripples example is awesome too. The ripple is like a "wave-form" and that is the underlying pattern behind the way matter arranges itself, similar to the wave-harmonic of a sound, becoming a geometric pattern when sand (or matter) is placed on top of a sound plate the frequency is moving through.

Water is also the medium from which our bodies form liquid crystalline matrices...look into new research coming this way on it. The di-poles align in a kind of quantum coherence. There is a lot to water than we know or are taught in standard education, I suggest reading :The Fourth State of Water. The same is true for the brain, conductivity, electrical capacitance, and the amount of "information" that is relayed not just across the whole of brain but whole of body. This information is both chemical and electrical, and because it is electrical it also creates magnetic flow, and as we are discovering photons (light). Russians are figuring out that this light has properties and patterns that can govern chemical/biological processes....thus not everything is just chemical- as we assume. Chemical influences electrical and electrical influences chemical, and the quantum is what makes up all of it! I'm sure you know the quantum properties of photons....

I really liked you relating the clouds to thoughts. The earth is thinking...at all times, and we just experience its moods :)

As are all sub-atomic particles that materializes our physical universe and our presence we are at the fundamental level a disturbance in the Quantum field. Beyond that the Quantum field is consciousness that is self evolving by entanglement with the life phenomenon that it envisions.
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