There is no life or death as you were taught - there is only a subatomic transfer between the physical and the metaphysical, which is why humans can be awake or fall asleep. The human body is very much like the light bulb; the energies of the Universe enter a host to "animate" its host, but when that host can store energy no longer, the energy will return to the Universe - all memories and experiences will live on through the Universe, but the "person", the experience within the "animation", will cease. Ideas do not have faces, tools of expression, brains or hearts - everything that makes a "person".

Re: Consciousness Moves To Another Universe Upon "Death"

Someday we will wake up and this will all be just a dream and you will forget it like it never happened this will eliminate all suffering from what you thought was real it's not real this world is an illusion filled with mass delusion. I believe that we live in a dream it's what my soul tells me my inner me. The illuminati is messing with our perception so many times do I meditate only to see a pyramid with an eye watching me and visions of an owl. I believe in the multiverse theory but there are ways to keep the physical body alive for an extended period of time until one gets bored. You must ask your self what do I believe why are we alive? Why have a body if we are going to dispose of it I am a collector of body's of all universes from all life times or life lines collections of all life not only that which is consciousness if I like the willow tree I will add it to my collection and life is infinite so I collect infinite times forever creating my very own heaven. Collecting knowledge and things. Like brainiac from DC comics lol all suffering is illusionary the real is what ever makes us happy. Everything else didn't exist just a nightmare.
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