Arizona Center for Consciousness Studies, Stuart Hameroff M.D.


I'm pretty new on this forum and I would like to ask you for some help. I'm 23 yrs old biotechnologist from Slovenia, interested in genetics since I can remember, and about a year ago I discovered the beauty of spirituallity through Traditional Chinese medicine. Since then I've developed some astonishing abilities, but I'm still pretty lost. I'm working in a pharmaceutical company and have a constant feeling that I should do something else.

So... I've discovered Center for Consciousness Studies in Tucson, Arizona (, but I'm not sure scientific way is the right way to explore this kind of 'research area'. Or is it? :) I hope you'll understand, what I'm trying to ask. In addition, there are a lot of energy vortexes in the area, which can be used in positive or negative way. Anyway, if anybody's got any information on this institution or who is running it (...financing), I would be very very grateful.


Greetings, Eva - and welcome to IS :) The following is only MY POV, and you must evaluate such in light of your own wisdom, of course. I looked at your linked site and was quite impressed, not only by the material presented, including, from the site, "Other groups tend focus either on cognitive neuroscience, philosophy or purely phenomenal experiential approaches, whereas the Center not only integrates these areas, but "thinks outside the box" of conventional wisdom which has thus far, at least, failed to make significant breakthroughs. The Center has also inspired other groups such as the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness and those who organize other conferences", --- but, also, and you can probably relate to this - the frequency, vibration coming from the site. I'm kind of a "frequency freak" and, for better or worse, feel that if a person or a place or a website :) is high vibe, there must be something good about it.

Having been a fan of "Daoist studies" for some time i applaud your interest in TCM. Certainly being in touch with Daoist teachings in all of its aspects, is, in itself, a potent path for "spiritual growth".

Finally, going back to "reading" frequencies and my making a "judgment" about the person, place, etc. -- i can read your frequency from your post -- and i must say that you are doing very well indeed in your "spiritual growth". I would further say that you are doing so well that your reliance upon your intuition as to the correct path for you would not be a mistake.

I hope the above is somewhat helpful. Best of luck to you :)....

Thank you very much. Quite impressive ability you got there :) which I also strive to achieve, like you've probably noticed, but still need some time and knowledge. And confidence maybe.. :)

Best of luck to you too!


The University of Arizona is my alma mater. I didn't go to the medical school, but it's a good one. So, this looks like a legitimate cross disciplinary program to me. How one takes part on it, I do not know. You could start by trimming that URL back to and that should get you to some basic information, like admittance and student aid.

The famous vortices of Sedona are perhaps 4 hours away from Tucson.

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