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YamaBushi: The Path of Shugendo - The Mountain Warrior Monks

Rather fascinating. With videos

By placing their lives in grave danger, the Yamabushi purify themselves of the blemishes of the human condition.
Poised at the top of an escarment, a man with a shaved head blows into a conch shell encouraging the other walkers that are climbing up to the top of the peak. They all wear a white or saffron colored outfit and they are all equipped with a walking stick. It is the first stop since the group has left the Zenki Monastery, about two hours ago. As far as the eye can see, the forest climbs in waves hugging close to the top of the mountain peak. In front of the procession, lie two large vertical rock columns that rise up to the sky. The columns are about two meters apart. At the base, the group recites Buddhist litany and ritual invocations to the spirits. They then climb, one after another, up the coulmn by using the narrow ridges for footholds and handholds. They make their way around the two towers. About halfway up, gripping the ridges on the rock, with back or front facing the outside, they lunge out from one rock pillar to the next and continue to climb."

And definitely see: (Interestingly, landing on this site, and without even starting to read it, had a very dramatic emotional impact upon me, which i am planning to examine closely)
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I pretty much live like an ascetic right now. I only see four other people in my life in a regular basis. I hang out with my brothers for several hours a week every Saturday. I spend most of my days alone in my room just browsing the internet while spreading truth (This is pretty much an all day thing). I live with my parents, so the main people I see are my parents. Most of the time it is silent in the house. I spend much of my time high and in contemplative thought or not thinking at all. I also exercise regularly.
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