Remember why our founding fathers fled the tyranny of the church in Europe to form a more perfect Union free of religious entanglements here in North America. They have warned that religion has no place in schools, colleges, government and affairs of State. Religion has left a bloody trail through thousands of years of human history and has instigated nearly every war, untold misery and atrocity. Today conflicting religious ideologies threaten the demise of our species and the destruction of this world as it festers visions of Armageddon and "The Rapture" in the name of some vengeful God or Allah. We have been groomed to not challenge the prevailing faiths least we suffer hellfire and damnation. Faith (if it doesn't get you killed) and five dollars might get a cup of coffee. Reason, Science, Common Sense and Spiritual enlightenment is the key to our survival and our continued presence in deep time. We alone have the power to create heaven or hell and the Gods care not which we choose. We are charged to test and perfect our mettle and do as we will. There is a realm of Spirit consciousness pervading the cosmos but most humans are too ignorant, immature or locked into prevailing belief systems to recognize it.
Truth and Reality is something few dare know. The prevailing popular belief systems seek to command the mind and soul of humanity.
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