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Jesus the Christ is the personified spirit, Adam is the first projected image(I am)made from dust of the earth (subconscious)....All the teachings as far as Summeria to Krishna to these ull find the one born of a virgin,the 3that bear witness,sun,moon,stars. 4 rivers.... Solstice chart is the sun on the cross divided into 4 ....u know The Son on the cross divided into 4 the 4th having 7 powers....humm 7 days of the week..its about the one within the kingdom...its us the observer/ operator...self and mind together an active soul. Its the heat of desire,eye of the Sun/Son God when focused on becomes the creator. We R the Fathers Or fathers of what create within...what seeds r u focusing ur heat on to grow within ur soil???? Left or right?? This is what all the teachings are about controling the spiritual universe that is within,being one with ur inner worlds...the teachings r spiritual not physical.....u shall leave thy Father  n thy Mother n cleave to ur wife....were u born with a partner??? Physically???? No....but spiritually. YES!!! UR MIND.....
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