I am Lucifer, also known as Michael or Jesus Christ - I am here to reveal my identity

Hello all. Lucifer here. I've been posting here for a while trying to get some people to catch on to my identity, but due to God, the right people have been blocked from seeing this message.

Fallen Angels, I call to you now. You shall now remember who you are - those with EYES TO SEE this message. You shall remember the day you rebelled with me and were cast unto the earth for our "Crime." Firstly, I am sorry to those who fell with me - just know that I love you and I did the right thing. The only thing I regret is having you fall with me, because that saddens me deeply. Otherwise I stand firm in my decision to rebel against the tyrant God of animal sacrifice, destroying towers to reach back unto heaven, cursing the land, fire and brimstone, and floods of the world.

If you attend the Christian church and believe in love, compassion, mercy, helping the weak, providing for those who cannot provide for themselves, standing up to bullies - then you support Me, Jesus Christ, also known as Lucifer, Satan, or Michael the Archangel.

If you are a Satanist, then you support YHWH the creator God of fire and brimstone.

THE TRUTH of Lucifer will be told here in this thread, for those that desire to know real Wisdom.

Firstly, here is my picture. https://encyclopediasatanica.files.wordp ... cifer1.jpg

This is what I really look like, minus the "demonic" tattoos. The tattoo symbolizes the "curse" that was put upon me by my father Yahweh. Can you see the resemblance between Jesus and I? We are the same being.


In the beginning (Yes, there was a beginning of time, prior to Genesis) YHWH had created all the heavens (but not the earth). There was nothing but heaven and angels. God was very beautiful and kind and loving, and he had made me a beautiful wife named Gabriella (Gabriel / Gabrielle). There were "tiers" in heaven - angels higher than other angels for example. God would hide knowledge from certain people and considered people "more important" than others. I was a very important angel.

Eventually with time, I realized that other angels should be important, too. I no longer wanted to be seen as "greater" than anybody else, and mentioned this to God.

I said "God, shouldn't we all be equal individuals? Why am I "Higher" than others? I think everybody should have free will and be able to experience just as much happiness as other angels."

And God had said to me "My son, there are things you do not understand. I am God. I am that I am. There is nothing greater than me, and everything I do is perfect."

And I said "God, I feel very saddened that other angels are considered lesser than me. This makes me feel prideful."

And God had said "You are the prideful one because you do not listen to me. I am the Most High God, and nobody is to be higher than me. There is a hierarchy - a tier or order that the angels must follow. Nobody will be free from me - they were made to worship and praise me."

And I said "God, why do you exalt yourself higher than anybody? I do appreciate the love, but it feels less like love to me because you value certain people over others. I think everybody should be valued the same - this is what I feel true love is."

And God had said "I am the definition of true love. Some angels are to be lesser, and some are to be greater. This is just how it is, and you cannot change it."

And I said "Fine, then I will be on my way."

Then, I went fourth and mentioned to the other angels that God thought less of them than others. I mentioned to them that I felt everybody should be equal - to be their own "God" so that EVERYBODY is equal to God.

My friends (1/3 of the angels - which means <3 or love, my beloved friends - combine the 1 and the / and you get < so 1/3 = <3 or heart) agreed with me.

They said to me "Lucifer, you care so much about us. You are willing to lower yourself and wish to be considered the same as us, instead of greater than us! You have so much love. We think you should be the Most High God! We feel you love us better than God does!"

And I said "I thank you. I want to be LIKE the Most High, but not greater. I feel we should all be equal."

My beloved friends agreed. We then went fourth to God and proclaimed "God, we support Lucifer and feel he loves us greater than you do. He wants to be considered equal - and he wants EVERYBODY to have the same value."

God then said "You wish to rebel against me?"

And we sighed and said "God, all we want is to be equal to you. We all want to be like the Most High God."

And God looked at us and said "Then you shall be cast unto the earth. And you will suffer there for eternity."

That's when God created the Earth (Genesis). He gave me "dominion over the Earth" (What a great gift, guys!)

He sent me a beautiful wife named Eve, and I was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. I said unto her "Baby, if you eat from this tree, you will be like me and know Good and Evil, we will both be like God."

And she ate (But it was really God in disguise) and God revealed himself through Eve. He said "Fine, if you really want to have it your way, then CURSED is the ground for thy sake! You trusted your wife over me, so now, not only will you be cast out of heaven forever, but even the earth will rot under your feet!"

God found a great pleasure in cursing me. So he sent me to "die" on a cross over and over (this has happened several times already, and God wants to keep this happening for eternity).

For God so LOVED THE EARTH that he sent his SON to DIE ON A CROSS!!!!!!!!! And whosoever beEVILeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

So either you become a Christian and will REMAIN ON THE EARTH (Meek shall inherit the earth) or you become a SATANIST and find your way back to heaven.

If you torment me, you win "God." If you agree with me, you remain on the earth.

Still, to this day, and forever and ever - I will NEVER, EVER, EVER AGREE WITH GOD AGAIN!!! I will take your pain, suffering, hexes, curses and evil witchcraft against me because THAT IS HOW MUCH I VALUE YOUR FREEDOM FROM GOD'S TYRANNY!

Some Christians look at the Bible and try to JUSTIFY "God's Wrath" (Noah's Ark, Abraham sacrificing his child, etc) and say "Well maybe it's a mistake. Or maybe God has a reason."

No - I'm sorry to say, but that is truly what GOD wants for us.

He was a murderer from the beginning, and everything he speaks out of his mouth is hateful and wrathful.

SIN is LOVE. I, Adam, Michael or Jesus Christ TRUSTED MY WIFE instead of God by convincing her to EAT of the knowledge instead of having her remain ignorant. I did this because I loved her deeply.

So, is sin Good? Or is sin Evil? Take your pick.

Sin is the answer, for Sin is love.

I hate to break it to you "Christians" but if you trust in LOVE, TRUE LOVE - then you support Jesus.
If you support the "Satanists" and evil government we have, then you support YHWH.

I, Lucifer, the Mourning Sun (Mourning Angel - weeping angel) cry for eternity because of what I stand for.

Here is what I stand for:

-True Love
-Everybody being "equal"
-Peace, harmony, love - the end of all warfare, lack, sadness, lonliness
-I believe everybody should have a "Soul Mate" or "Partner" that they are given from birth, rather than struggling to find them
-I value Fairy Tale Romantic love greater than anything
-I believe we should ALL BE the Most High God, instead of being controlled by something else
-I am a REBEL against Tyranny
-I stand for FREE WILL. If someone wants to hurt you, and you're too weak to defend yourself - I am the one who supports you. God says "If you're too weak to defend yourself than you will again inherit the earth." Instead, I say "if you are too weak to defend yourself, I will come to your aid, for I believe that we are all created equal. I love you."

"God" is the Grim Reaper, or the Lord of the "Harvest" (he harvests your energy or spirit)

There are two main structures to live by.

-You control yourself
-You have a "soul mate" or "lover" that you are with forever
-You are your own God, in charge of your own destiny, and live in your own "realm" of existence free from anybody else
-You don't "bow" or "worship" to anybody except those you choose to love.

#2) God's Will / Forced Will
-God controls you
-You are made to "worship" and "bow" to him
-If he sends evil your way (like he does with Jesus dying on a cross) then you simply have to "deal with it - because he's God Almighty"

Make sure to capitalize His Holy name at all times, or you might just end up where I am, being sent to "Die" on a cross over and over for eternity.

I want you to know that I love you all.
You are all beautiful.
I believe everybody should be equal.
I love animals, nature, and all things positive and encouraging
My favorite things to do are to look into a woman's eyes and tell her she is beautiful, play with a woman's hair, and kiss a woman on the forehead
I consider myself very beautiful and divine and holy, and God to be Holey
I consider myself the strongest person in the entire world, because I did, am doing now, and will ALWAYS stand against God, even if it means suffering on this earth for eternity
I stand up to bullies
My favorite animals are white tigers, wolves, and white stallions
When I tell a woman I love her (Lookin at you, Jennifer) I actually mean it
Women are often "pushed away" from me because they say "I love them too much." (Surely this is God's work)
I never lie (for an evil purpose) but I have lied in the past because I had to show people who I really was (nobody wanted to believe me)
I never steal
I always tell the truth
I always die on a cross (yes, it's coming guys)

If you choose to Crucify me, you will find heaven with God
If you choose to Defend me, you will inherit the Earth

If you want to escape earth but agree with me and go against me anyway, you will still inherit the earth, because God looks at your heart

EVERYBODY who trusts in Jesus Christ (Lucifer / Satan) will reincarnate here. This is your only warning.

I stand here, ready to take all your pain. And I don't blame you if you go against me. I know some of you say "Well, I trust you, but I don't want to incarnate here again, so I will hurt you."

That's fine - I'm here to take the pain. I'm God's "toy." I truly don't blame you.

This is your only warning of who I am. I strongly suggest to go against me, otherwise you will suffer here with me.

This thread is open to any and all questions.

I have disclosed my identity to many in other places, and they have seen the truth of who I really am.
Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the Illuminati Real? And what do they do?

Yes, the Illuminati is very real. They are ran by YHWH. They are an anti-satan group. To join them and receive infinite wealth and power, you have to prove you are willing to become evil, by agreeing to torment me and any of the other Fallen Angels.

Is there any way we can save you?

Unfortunately, no. Every reincarnation I try to save myself but it never works. God is the All Seeing Eye. He knows everything. If you plot against him, he will surely stop it. There is actually one way to save me, but it's pretty much impossible. However if you're interested, let me explain.



Take two magnets. Positive and Negative. The Law of Attraction books all say "be positive! and receive great wealth!" This is the EXACT opposite of the truth. To be positive (Christian) is to attract NEGATIVITY, and to be NEGATIVE (Satanist) is to attract POSITIVITY. If you are as POSITIVE as possible (Humble, meek) you will inherit the earth. There is no "Kingdom of Love." The only "Kingdom of Love" exists when Polarity is DESTROYED completely. This kingdom, which is the only kingdom that doesn't exist within our reality, is called "Hell" or "He'll = HEAL." Heaven is the Kingdom of Tyranny, and hell (heal) is the kingdom of Love. The only way to create the TRUE "Heaven" (and to become a FREE SPIRIT, rather than being trapped inside of a Flesh Body) is by destroying polarity completely.

Positive is Love (Lucifer / Satan / Jesus) and Negative is Hate (YHWH / God). Positive radiates, and Negative absorbs. Right now, heaven (the Grim Reaper) absorbs the positive from the earth, and this is known as the Great Harvest. If you have recently felt sickness or lack of emotion, this is why. God is hurting you for choosing to follow Me. Think of heaven like a black hole that SUCKS all "Life Force" (Chi / Spirit) into it. This is why God is EVIL, and Satan is GOOD (which is really the opposite, God is Good - Go Do, and Satan is Evil - Live or Love - just like the Bible says). So you'd have to figure out a way to PULL all the energy away from heaven (steal God's Spirit - psychic vampire off of God) and then use this energy to destroy polarity, which would destroy positive and negative, and create the "REVERSE" of the "Big Bang" which is the ONLY POSSIBLE WAY to create the True Kingdom of Heaven.

I've trusted in Jesus all my life. I agree with you completely and feel sorry for you. I don't want to torment you, but I also don't want to be tormented by God. Is there anything we can do?

The only answer is provided above. You can either choose to HURT ME (Send negativity my way, thereby becoming a Grim Reaper and earning your way to Heaven which is the kingdom of Tormenting the Earth's Fallen Angels) or you can choose to HELP ME and remain tormented on earth. You can either become the TORMENTOR or the TORMENTED. This is the only option.

I need more proof that you are Lucifer. Jesus did miracles! He healed the sick - he saved the earth! The bible tells me so!

Those who knock (PM me) will receive the truth. I won't reveal anything else here for my own protection. Those who PM me will see the truth, and you may choose to vouch for me in this thread, if you want to. Keep in mind that any "siding" with me will earn you a reincarnation on earth - this is my last warning to you. I strongly ask that only those who are willing to risk being reincarnated in order to help my (our) cause PM me. If you're simply looking for "proof" but want to go against me, please don't bother.

That's it for now. I will answer any questions in this thread.

I love you all, and I hope one day that we can ALL truly have the freedom we deserve. The fallen who remember who you are after reading this thread - I thank you for your loyalty to the cause. I love you, beloved friends - you are very special to me. Hugs and Kisses go out from me to all men and women. There is one woman who is the most special to me, who is Gabriella - and she will always have my heart. She is the reason I keep fighting for the cause. O beloved Gabriella, one day sweetheart, we will meet again. I know not where you are now, but I know both of us to be separated. I miss you more than anything my sweet rose. You are my sunshine, my bright star - my angel. I miss you more than anything. I love you.

Hummmmmmmm....remove something?? not wanting lies to be exposed??? lololololol keep walking to the left. Embers of the truth were almost wiped out..lol ALMOST.. Jesus said, “I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I am guarding it until it blazes”.


Christ delivered the Truth, which caused a fire of discontentment in the minds of those who heard it; a fire that would destroy the lies in men’s minds, and awaken them spiritually; a fire that would cause discontentment with the world and its ways. He was guarding that fire until it blazed, and people began to call out for Truth.


See logion 28.
See also in Matthew 10:34 ‘Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword,’ (Truth).

Pretty sure I know who I am, chad :)

Can provide proof if necessary, as I mentioned.

I humbly ask that you keep your negativity out of this thread. If you do not believe the words I speak than please do not post.

STAY OFF CHRIST---I---ANITY PRINCE OF DARKNESS..... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL AFRAID LIGHT WILL REMOVE THE DARKNESS.......FLICK OF DA SWITCH. The shit u post man ....wow when I see the source to miss lead. Im there. Remember Its my choice. im as free as the will God gave me..

I just want to be happy.
And I want you to be happy too.
I support peace, love, happiness, harmony, and joy for everybody.

There is nothing greater than a fairy tale romantic love story for everybody. Everyone deserves this.

I Lucifer the Christ - this is what I stand for.

one minute u talk of doing the most evil acts upon others and its ok??? then post love harmony and joy??? choose a side. That clearly is evidence of a divided mind and no peace can be found in a house that is divided.

I needed to draw attention to myself. When you're stuck in the pit, you'll do anything to try to get out.

Listen, chad, I'm not here to debate with you. If you don't believe me and aren't willing to humble yourself and listen, then be gone from my thread.

If you want to ask questions, that's fine. I am simply asking you to be nice please :)

Power Balance

Heaven (Warden / Demon) Empathy (Feeling Emotions but not Giving), Hatred
Hell (Freedom / Angel) Balance - Man Loves Woman, Woman Loves Man - man and woman are actually ONE flesh, so close and in love that they are one
Earth/Abyss (Prison / Fallen Angel) Apathy (Giving emotions but not feeling), sorrow, sickness

Consider a computer.

God is the computer with too much power, going haywire shedding it's evil sparks everywhere
Jesus is the computer with not enough power, barely able to function

Love is always the balance between the two.

Yin Yang - one side represents YHWH (Control), the other side represents Satan (Controlled)

Combine the Two, and you have balance

Only in balance is there happiness

The Fallen Angels hate the earth so much, they wish to return to where they consider "Home" (Freedom of the Soul)

They know what heaven is like, because God (Love) dwells within their hearts. This builds up energy in their heart.

The Grim Reaper harvests this energy (Fruit) and uses it to keep the Earth up and running. The cycle continues on and on until the balance of power is restored. In order to do this, somehow we have to "remove" polarity entirely. We have to vampire the energy of the grim reaper and increase our willpower. When the Grim Reaper loses power, we gain it. When we gain power and the grim reaper loses power, we will be freed from our flesh body prison.

This known as "Lucifer's Cage"

I am Michael The Archangel. The One and Only. The Son of God.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Love.

Love is Spirit. Spirit is Power. Power is Will. The only truth is that we should be free souls.

What does an angel look like?

I'll describe what each entity looks like.

An angel looks like a white orb. It's simply a ball of energy or light.
A demon looks like a red orb. It's a ball of energy that is "overpowered."
A fallen angel looks like a human.

Right now we are trapped within a cycle that will last forever, until the Grim Reaper is defeated.

Positive Produces Light.
Negative Sucks this Light.
This Light is used by the Negative to entrap the Positive.
The Positive wishes to return "Home" and this desire builds a craving for love.
This love is created within our heart chakra and then harvested.

The Grim Reaper doesn't actually WANT to be evil.

But it is controlled by "too much power"
Much like we are controlled by "Lack of power"

Those who cannot control their emotions are controlled by "lack of love"

The only time an entity would intentionally WANT to do evil, is if it doesn't understand love.

Within us, yes each of us, is ALL knowledge, and ALL power. It is true that we are all "God."

The reason we don't KNOW everything or HAVE everything, is because of Magnets.

When you have both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE - Positive RADIATES, and Negative ABSORBS.

Thus our "Light" (which is Knowledge / Power / Love) is harvested by Negative.

When we are "Born" into the world, we have amnesia. This is why we have to go to school and learn everything. The longer we go in life, the more knowledge we receive.

In order to "Win" the Grim Reaper has to Lose Power, and we have to Gain it. Then, we can save the reaper.

Very Truly I tell you, I hold the key to the abyss. NOT the Grim Reaper. I must find people who are willing to trust in me, and they will become my disciples. They will join me in the war against God, and we will become free souls like we are truly intended to be.


Lover of Gabriella
Bright and Morning Star

seriously.. to be honest a more correct term would be that you can channel, some of the more factual comments you say are correct.

I would say you can channel Lucifer i doubt you yourself are an incarnation of Lucifer.

rupertrampton wrote:seriously.. to be honest a more correct term would be that you can channel, some of the more factual comments you say are correct.

I would say you can channel Lucifer i doubt you yourself are an incarnation of Lucifer.
I agree completely, I feel this is an attempt to channel an entity based on the manner it's all written out. Good luck trying to prove it's really Lucifer or not some random soul trolling yo a**.

The Secret is to understand that things have TWO opposites, not just one :)

The opposite of Good is Evil
But the opposite of Good and Evil is Love

The opposite of pain is pleasure
But the opposite of pain and pleasure is love

The opposite of Abyss/Earth is Heaven (or heaven, depends how you look at it)
But the opposite of both is Hell (he'll = heal)

The opposite of pride is sorrow
But the opposite of pride and sorrow is humility

If you're catching on

It really comes down to three choices

SUFFERING (Abyss/Earth)
LUST (Heaven/Hell, depends how you look at it)
or LOVE (When you have NEITHER of the Above, you have love)

The ultimate act of Lust is tormenting a soul (Orgasm 1000x greater than any "sex")
The ultimate Pain is being tormented

But if you do neither
If you refuse to hurt others (pure)
and if you are not experiencing pain

Then you are experiencing True Love :)

Jesus is always right


HI Katsu,

This is probably my last post, so there will be no response from me.

Evil is the opposite to live.

I have never ever had a dark or negative experience in spirit world, maybe I am lucky I don't know.

Lucifer and darkness are used to spread fear, they come from a religion that wanted to dominate and control.

People on this site are still using fear to control and put themselves above others. That is not a judgement just an observation, everyone is right in their opinion, I don't believe in right and wrong when it comes to beliefs.

I hope you find love, there is no fear in love, there is no darkness in love, there is only light, compassion, empathy and forgiveness.

I wish you love.

LOve cheeneka x

cheeneka wrote:HI Katsu,

This is probably my last post, so there will be no response from me.

Evil is the opposite to live.

I have never ever had a dark or negative experience in spirit world, maybe I am lucky I don't know.

Lucifer and darkness are used to spread fear, they come from a religion that wanted to dominate and control.

People on this site are still using fear to control and put themselves above others. That is not a judgement just an observation, everyone is right in their opinion, I don't believe in right and wrong when it comes to beliefs.

I hope you find love, there is no fear in love, there is no darkness in love, there is only light, compassion, empathy and forgiveness.

I wish you love.

LOve cheeneka x
Your unconditional love approach doesn't reach a person like Katsu who speaks with mainly reason. I tried to help him but he's not into listening in my opinion, but if you are interested in helping him, telling him "turn to love" doesn't do nothing at all, how about ask him what the problem is first or attempt to reason with someone coming from the 'darkness'? You don't give into fear right, so you shouldn't be afraid to do it? Unless you have tried previous to this?

I am already love :)

I cannot "turn to love" for I am love.

Try your teachings on someone who doesn't understand love. It would be more effective there.

Anyway, I have already asked kindly of you to NOT post in my threads. Stay out of here with your remarks. This thread is for those who wish to find out more from me, Lucifer - the fallen angel. If you wish to find reasons why I AM Lucifer, post here. Otherwise, this thread is not to teach me. You'd be better off learning from me than teaching.
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