Man, Woman, God, Heaven - The Sacred Marriage

Hello all. This is Jesus Christ here to teach the Truth of the Sacred Marriage to the world. Very shortly, it will be revealed to the public of my identity. I am Adam, also known as Michael the Archangel or Jesus Christ. This is my favorite topic to talk about, because it is such a beautiful and wonderful thing :)

Often times in my teachings, people have asked me "What is Heaven like, Jesus?"

Well very simply, it is the greatest thing you could ever imagine. It is Man, Woman, and God - together forever. Without any more fear, worries, pain, loneliness or depression.

Because of the curse of this World, man and woman have become separate. Evil has it's grips on us, and it often tears us down. We've got the stresses of work, sickness, taking care of our children. We battle the Illuminati. Every time we turn on the television we see "Breaking" news (get it?) about some terrible tragedy. Everything to distract us from what we were REALLY truly created for - to love each other.

In society today, opposites attract. There is usually the very clingy man or woman who is deeply attracted to the overly independent man or woman. Because of this, relationships often go sour and end in divorce. I will explain the science behind this. Think of a magnet - positive and negative. They pull together. Such is the law of Attraction. The clingy person tries desperately to give their love to the other person - dedicating fully and actually "loving" the independent person, but the relationship probably 80% of the time (or more) ends with the independent person feeling "pushed away" saying things like "I need space" or "you love me too much." There is hard and soft. Gentle (Gentile) and harsh. The loving person wants to give maximum love to the other, for they are Godly (Full of Love). They care not about material things like cars, fame, money or power. The only desire they have is "Love." I believe God makes this connection on purpose, to show the unloving (harsh) person that they are wrong and need to change their ways. The evil person lacks reason and logic entirely, and instead focuses on materialistic or fleshly things such as fighting, bullying or trying to get an advantage on another person.

There is much drama in the world today, and the loving people (often called "weak" or "cowards" - which are actually the strong ones) get the short end of the stick. This is what the war of Good and Evil is all about - reuniting as one body - one flesh under God. If negative is abolished there will forever be love for all. If positive is abolished, only hatred and war remains. Thus, somehow in the end, Good will prevail, and the Evil God Jehovah of Fire and Brimstone will be purified.

Imagine this "barrier" is now removed. Instead of opposites attracting, it's like attracting like. Love attracting love, rather than love attracting hatred.

In heaven, there will be NO Marriage ("aN O" Marriage - O representing tear in your eyes - love so great that you are almost eternally "crying of happiness"). There will be Joy in the Mourning on that Day.

Everybody has a soul mate, or another half of you - even if you aren't with them now.

Heaven isn't about "worshipping God" or "Bowing to anybody" but rather, it is about YOU. God gives you Love and gives you a perfect life, and you love him.

Those who Be Live in Christ - me - and choose to follow me in the Upcoming Battle of Armageddon (Yes, all the warnings you have seen of Christ are real - you have seen ISIS on CNN) will learn the path of True Enlightenment. I will teach you how to love another completely. The war (war = Lam = lamb) will be won with love.

That's all for now. You will hear from me shortly.

I'm a professional Lover of Jennifer. That's my best skill :)

Lucifer, Lord God Almighty

Ever wonder why he's depicted RED (Burning - Taking the curses of the world / Jesus) also he's horny (holy - flip the letters) and finally with a pitchfork (bend the left and right, it makes the Cross)

Soon the world will know. I just have to find the right people to show. 95% of the people I've met don't care or are too prideful to see the truth.
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